Coconut Grove, Australia

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G’day there, i am a young artist in the Northern Territory. Ive been drawing pretty much since i was born and still am, but im better than what i was as a bub! I do mixed art mediums, because i haven’t yet found my all time favourite medium to draw with. I find pastels as one of the more popular with my art with peoples’ taste, emu egg carvings have also been a popular medium i use, even though so far ive only carved 3 emu eggs. I would apreaciate pointers, hints and critizisum from fellow artists, to help sharpen my skills.

With my art i want to be acknowledged throughout the Territory and maybe one day all of Australia. Its a big hope that i have hope for, but as i have been told my “style” of art isnt what is seeked by the public. I get alot of positive and negitive comments/remarks on my work at school, internet and family, and i hope you people that take your time and go through my work will comment also. I wish to become a wildlife illustrator with my art, with the goal of making a Birds of Australia book with all the many birds here, or at least do birds of Darwin and the Territory where i live first.

  • Age: 22
  • Joined: December 2008