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After The Rain A Little Sunshine

This, I thank the Lord, has been the pattern of my life; often undeserved, but it has. The eye has been playing up and I may be having another op which should be the end of the matter but, I have to say I have not been at my ‘sunny’ best of late…. Hence the rain. The sun..? Out of the blue I had an e-mail to say that a royalty cheque was on its way in respect of a childrens book called ‘Cheela The whale Who Flew’. I posted the front page on RB a few weeks ago in a challenge. I wrote the story 20-odd years ago after a discussion on writing at a party and it sat in the computer files until a few months ago. On a whim I sent it to Amazon Kindle; far from an easy experience. To my astonishment people must have bought. It is not great literature and I didn’t really expect anyone to buy it however, as the royalty only cuts in after so many are sold, well…

On and off I do write and at the same time as Cheela I wrote an ms about my early years in Crete from mid 1980’s to ’90’s entitled ‘Arriving Unexpectedly’. This was due to my poor navigation and terrible car hire maps. I have been motivated to send this to try my luck again. Always some sunshine. Praise be!

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