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Americans are Non-Believers Too

I was moved (for so many reasons) by the inauguration of our new president. but, i was particularly surprised and touched by Mr. Obama’s inclusion of atheists in his inaugural speech:

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus—and non-believers.

Killing Time a QUADRUPLE Feature? wow!

Killing Time:"

I am so pleased. It is wonderful enough to be featured in any group, but to be hit with a triple shot is elating. Thank you SO much!

Featured in the All Things Orange Artwork Gallery group on December 6, 2008

Featured in the Art Inspired By Dreams roup on December 8, 2008

Featured in the Dream & Fantasy group on December 8, 2008

Featured in the Graphic Editing 101 group on December 12, 2008

New Work

i finally hunkered down and got some photoshopping done (this time of year, that’s the only kind of shopping i like to do). i’m happy with the way Killing Time came out. it feels good to finally do something for myself.

the theme truly encompasses what my my life has felt like this past year of new motherhood.

what's been going on with me

well, i moved. which is a royal pain in the ass. you never realize how much crap you accumulate until you have to pack it up and haul it into a new place. the only good thing about it is you tend to throw out a lot of junk. i love where we are now. we live at the marina near venice beach, ca now. i’m inspired to start using the camera more. yay

also, we got a puppy. she’s a three-month old english bulldog. she is a-frickin-dorable. her name is maggie but i call her magnet since she never leaves my side.

so things have been extremely busy, but in a good way. now i’m off to view your stuff. ;)

Alex and Maggie, respectively.