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Original is Prisma Colored Pencils on 8.5×11 Bright White Printing Paper

There is so much to say about her…..the story will come soon…

I wanted to share with you some Hummingbird Mythology that I have found. I looked all of this up this morning and was quite surprised by the bits and pieces from different legends that have shown up subconsciously in my drawing:

A Mayan legend says the hummingbird is actually the sun in disguise, and he is trying to court a beautiful woman, who is the moon.

There is a legend from the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Puerto Rico about a young woman and a young man, who were from rival tribes. Like Romeo and Juliet, they fell in love, precipitating the intense criticism of their family and friends. Nevertheless, the two of them found a way to escape both time and culture. One became a hummingbird and the other a red flower. The Taino Indians also take the hummingbird to be a sacred pollinator, whose mission is to bring an abundance of new life.

One of the Hopi stories is about a time of famine when a young boy and girl were left alone while their parents were searching for food. After the boy made a toy hummingbird, his sister threw it into the air. It came to life and began to provide for them by bringing an ear of corn every day. Eventually, the hummingbird flew to the center of the earth where it pleaded with the god of fertility to restore the land. Rain and green vegetation came, then the children’s parents returned.

One of my favorites:
An Apache legend tells of Wind Dancer, a young warrior, who was born deaf, but could sing magical, wordless songs that brought healing and good weather. He married Bright Rain, a beautiful, young woman whom he rescued when she was being attacked by a wolf.
Wind Dancer was killed during another errand of mercy. A bitter, death-bring winter ensued, but it suddenly and mysteriously ended after Bright Rain started taking solitary walks.
Tribal elders learned Wind Dancer had come back to her in the form of a hummingbird. He wore the same ceremonial costume and war paint he had worn as a man. In fields of spring flowers he would approach her and whisper his magical secrets in her ear. This brought her peace and joy.

Another Fave!
There is another Aztec legend which says the god of music and poetry took the form of a hummingbird and descended into the underworld to make love with a goddess, who then gave birth to the first flower.

And the ultimate….I have NEVER read any of these stories, but this one….well….I kind of feel like I was illustrating it! LOL
One of the widespread beliefs is that hummingbirds, in some way, are messengers between words. As such they help shamans keep nature and spirit in balance. The Cochti have a story about ancient people who lost faith in the Great Mother. In anger, she deprived them of rain for four years. The people noticed that the only creature who thrived during this drought was Hummingbird. When they studies his habits, the shamans learned that Hummingbird had a secret passageway to the underworld. Periodically, he went there to gather honey. Further study revealed that this doorway was open to Hummingbird alone because he had never lost faith in the Great Mother. This information inspired the people to regain faith. After that the Great Mother took care of them.

I think that I may write up a story for this lady when she’s complete – I think that I will create my own Modern Myth using bits and pieces form all of these stories! :)

I’m so inspired by these stories……but the title is still missing….


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  • Sarah ORourke
    Sarah ORourkeover 4 years ago

    Wow! So much to look at Lynsye!!!I love her hair & her necklace… And colour in her dress is beautiful!!!
    As for a title, i really don’t think i can help on that one… My titles always come instinctively.

  • Thanks so much Sarah! :) I want to make a real necklace like that now! :)

    I’m usually that way with titles too – this one is being a bit stubborn! LOL

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 4 years ago

    she’s a darlin…love that hippy vibe and the vervy peacock feather…also love the shine on her hair..and lovely choker about her neck…great work !! x

    oh i see she needs a title…hmmm….i can’t think of something right now, i’ll get back to you if something pops into my head tho :)

  • Thanks Karin!! I’m so glad you like her – she’s been so much fun to work on! I was just telling Sarah….I think I will have to try to make a real necklace like that! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • Marjorie Wallace
    Marjorie Wallaceover 4 years ago

    How funny this is. I would call her ‘Miss Pris’ I guess just something about her demeanor and set of her mouth. Love it!

  • LOL Thanks Marjorie! She does look a bit….uptight doesn’t she!? HA! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 4 years ago

    oh i now see she has a keyhole in her chest…wow! Very intriguing…..I would base the title on the concept of the keyhole….the key to something special :)

  • :) Oh yes, there is much to see and think about in this one…that’s why I’m stuck on a name! LOL I like where you’re going…

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • MoonSpiral
    MoonSpiralover 4 years ago

    Wow, she looks so great! I really like how well you did her hair, reminds me of Tara Mcpherson stuff. I can never get that shine to look right. You are so good with those colored pencils, really amazing detail!

  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE Tara McPhearson! I think I pulled a bit from a lot of pop surrealists in this one….Tara, Kukula, Glenn Arthur…hmmm…I wonder what inspired me so?! hehehe! :)

    Thanks! :) I’m so glad you like her! I learned how to do the shine on the hair when I did the Tribal piece of you, actually. :) That photo had the colors mapped out so perfectly for a drawing. So, I tried it this time and was quite pleased! I’ve been so frustrated while sketching and painting hair so I tried layering the colors and it’ works well!

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • PJ Ryan
    PJ Ryanover 4 years ago

    this is gorgeous .. love the hummingbird (?) delivering the key … really sweet.

    maybe Humming Girl ?

  • Thanks PJ! :) xoxo

    Cute idea!

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • 8upchef
    8upchefover 4 years ago

    Title? How about…“Welcome. Your fortune sir?”

    Love this one! Very Gypsy~esque.

  • Thanks! ! love that you see her as a gypsy!! Now that you say that, I totally see it in her! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • Sarah ORourke
    Sarah ORourkeover 4 years ago

    Hmmm, maybe that stubborn-ness is a key to the title?

  • Littlehalfwings
    Littlehalfwingsover 4 years ago

    Looks like a lot of nature and I thought nature’s cameo since she wears an old fashioned necklace..I don’t know but she’s pretty, nice work Lynsye!

  • Thanks so much Littlehalfwings….I love your name! Hehe! :)

    I really like that…hmmm…I shall think on it! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • vian
    vianover 4 years ago

    “jaclyn” is the first thing that pops into my head don’t know why. beautiful work!

  • Beautiful name – She does look a bit like a Jaclyn! Love the spelling too! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

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