Original is Acrylic on 9×12 canvas board

Featured in C.O.R.E.

This is an older painting that I did….back in ‘06 or ’07 I believe, this is the first real painting I ever did. Prior to this, I worked primarily in colored pencil….it was this painting that really made me focus on the acrylics. The original now hangs in my sister’s bedroom in Tennessee….this has been one of her favorites for a long time…she graduated from High School in May of ’09 and I presented this to her as a graduation present.

This painting is inspired by Amy Brown She is one of the world’s leading faerie artists right now….and a FABULOUS lady, I must say! :) I love the way she uses colors and wanted to try and replicate her techniques.

Me & Amy @ FaerieWorlds ’08 in Eugene, OR

I used her piece, Curiosity as reference. I painted this freehand from a very small image of her painting. As you can see, I took my own twist on this piece.

Curisoty by Amy Brown

Since I chose to put the dragon in front of a background of space and stars, I thought it only fitting that I call him Draco. According to Wikipedia, Draco is a constellation in the far northern sky. Its name is Latin for dragon. Draco is circumpolar (that is, never setting) for many observers in the northern hemisphere. It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations today.

Draco is among the earliest of the constellations to have been defined; in one of the oldest known astronomical records, the ancient Egyptians identified it as Tawaret, the goddess of the northern sky in their pantheon of deities. Considered ever-vigilant because the constellation never set, she was depicted a fierce protective goddess whose body was a composite of crocodile, human, lioness, and hippopotamus parts.[citation needed]

The Greeks named it Draco the dragon. In one of the more famous European myths, Draco represents Ladon, the dragon sometimes depicted with one hundred heads who guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides. The eleventh of the Twelve Labours of Heracles was to steal the golden apples. He put Ladon to sleep with music, which enabled Heracles to freely take the golden apples. According to the legend, Hera later placed the dragon in the sky as the constellation Draco. Due to its position and nearby constellations in the zodiac sign of Libra (i.e. Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and Boötes), the group of constellations can be seen to tell the tale of the eleventh labour.[original research?]

In another Greek legend, Draco represents the dragon killed by Cadmus before founding the city of Thebes, Greece. In a third legend, it represents the dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece (occasionally revealed as the sleeping or nearly dead figure of Ladon) and was killed by Jason. The fact that the stars of this circumpolar constellation never set plays an important part in its mythologies.[citation needed]

In Roman legend, Draco was a dragon killed by the goddess Minerva and tossed into the sky upon his defeat.

Early Christians originally of the Roman or Greek faith then depicted Draco as the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The Arabs did not interpret the constellation as a dragon, seeing instead an asterism called the Mother Camels

(Curiosity is © Amy Brown. This image is NOT for sale and has been posted here with permission from the original artist)


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  • matt lant
    matt lantover 4 years ago

    it has that old mystical look to it! thats awsome!

  • Thanks so much! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • LTScribble
    LTScribbleover 4 years ago

    Draco is beautiful he looks to be world….I’ve decided I’m gonna try to design a new kind of dragon for my book….not sure how that’s gonna work out… :0)

  • Thanks! :) Good luck with your dragon, I can’t wait to see him!

    – Lynsye Medalia

    ROUBLE RUSTover 4 years ago

    Wonderful magical work hon…

  • Thank you thank you! :) xoxo

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • secretplanet
    secretplanetover 4 years ago

    first ever? wow! if you start off at this level, who knows where you’ll end up !!

  • :) Thanks! I need to paint more things like this. I say this is my first ‘real’ painting….I did one before this, in high school, it was an assignment, the first time I ever picked up a brush, and I didn’t really care for it. LOL

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardarover 4 years ago

  • Awesome! :) Thanks! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

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    S .over 4 years ago

    wowwwwww this is amazing !!!

  • WOW! Thank you! :)

    – Lynsye Medalia

  • MoonSpiral
    MoonSpiralover 4 years ago

    I haven’t been around here much lately Lynsye, and I must have missed when you posted this. Very magical, and such a unique take on one of Amy’s dragons (nice pic of you and her btw). I have been uninspired to paint lately, I think we both need to get back to our roots with faeries and magic… maybe we should start that group to inspire us…lol (but who has time for it, right?).

  • You didn’t miss it by much, I posted it yesterday :) Thanks much, glad you like it. I too have been uninspired lately. I think it’s because I have too many projects going on and dont have enough focus on any one single thing. Also, had to take a break from painting my geisha because the tiny detail was making my eyes and head go crazy. I just got glasses though so that should help. I have plans to paint all weekend! :)

    We definitely need to get the group going soon…but, you’re right, who has time?! LOL I’m thinking after the holidays would be a good idea.

    – Lynsye Medalia

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    Bekyy93over 4 years ago


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  • Kevin McGeeney
    Kevin McGeeneyover 4 years ago

    way great!!!!!

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