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Video of my current show in Philadelphia: WILD AT ART, plus Upcoming NYC Show at Parallax Art Fair

The fantastic Brandon Lord Ross made a video for my show at the MRAC this month. Check it out:…

Wild At Art: featuring the work of Melanie Fisher, Ken Januski and Lynnette Shelley at the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center (MRAC) in Philadelphia, PA for the month of November. Check out the youtube video to watch interviews with the artists and see a preview of the show.


Artists Lynnette Shelley, Ken Januski and Melanie Fisher

My current shows this month:

November 4-25, 2012
“Wild At Art” featuring the work of Melanie Fisher, Ken Januski and Lynnette Shelley, Manayunk Roxborough Art Center (MRAC), 419 Green Lane (rear), Philadelphia PA.

Reception is Nov. 4, 2012 from noon to 3:00 PM. See press release: http://lynnetteshelley.com/wild-at-art.html

November 16-18, 2012
Parallax Art Fair, The

My New Art Book

I’m sure most of you have heard about the really cool offer Redbubble has with Blurb for a free custom art book.

I decided that was the kick in the pants I needed to get around to making my own art book – something I’ve had on my “to do” list for months now. Today I can finally cross that off my list :)

Besides ordering the book for myself so that I have a convenient coffee table book / portfolio book to show others, I also put it up for sale on the Blurb marketplace. My new book is hardcover, with 60 pages of artwork, photos, commentary and other extras.

You can preview or buy the whole book here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3567392
Click on preview to do a flip by flip page preview.

A few snapshots

My Upcoming Shows (and belated greetings)

Hi all
Sorry I have not been checking in here much as of late. Things have been very busy with upcoming shows, commissions etc, and I have tried to not spend as much time on the internet so that I can get more work done.…

So if you have commented on my work, I appreciate it, and my non-response is not personal – I only have so many hours in the day, but I do appreciate every comment that I get and I do check everyone’s work when I get a chance. So a belated hello if I have not commented here in a while…

Anyway, I have shows coming up (and shows i just finished!). If anybody lives nearby, please feel free to stop by and check them out and say hi if you see me :)

Please visit http://lynnetteshelley.com/exhibitions.html for a list of all of my upcoming events.

Me at a recent art fair

Through S

Pictures from an Exhibition: Solo Show at Swarthmore Borough Hall (PA)

I just got back today from hanging over 40 artworks this afternoon for my solo show at Swarthmore Borough Hall in Swarthmore, PA. The show runs August and September (with some artwork being switched out for September). For directions / contact info for the venue, visit their website at http://www.swarthmorearts.org/contact.htm. The artist reception is THIS FRIDAY, August 3rd, from 3 to 7 PM.…

Some photos below, as well as the official press release for the show. Visit my website http://www.lynnetteshelley.com for more info on my upcoming show schedule or to view artwork and artwork sales information.

A short video:


121 Park Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081


Yellow Springs Art Show 2012

Today I went to the artists’ reception at the Yellow Springs Art Show, which opens this Friday. Yellow Spring hosts an annual art show which features hundreds of artworks by regional artists and is one of the top art shows in the area. The show is free and open to the public from April 28 – May 13, with a special ticket-only gala on April 27th. Please go to http://www.yellowsprings.org/artshow.html for tickets or for more info.…

I have twelve artworks in the show: four larger pieces and eight “minis” (artworks that measure 11 × 14 inches or smaller, including frames). All of the artists have their works hung in different areas all over the Lincoln Building at Yellow Springs, so the visitor needs to visit each room in order to see all of the artwork. As an artwork is bought, it’s taken down

Folktales Art Exhibition

This April I am curating a folktales-themed art exhibit at Nichols Berg Gallery in Philadelphia. Mostly it’s a joint show between myself and Los Angeles artist Carol Es, but I decided to also add in a few other artists from around the country whose style and media would add interesting dimensions to the show. All together there are eight artists, one of whom is another Redbubble artist you may know, Tammy Mae Moon.…

Some more information and photos from the show. My husband made a short video commercial for the show which I posted up on youtube


APRIL 7-28, 2012

Nichols Berg Gallery presents “Folktales”, curated by Pennsylvania artist Lynnette Shelley. Throughout history, humans have told each other stories. These stories help to explain the world aroun

Help Fund My Band's New Album through Kickstarter

As some of you know, in addition to art, I am also in an “arty” band, The Red Masque. We are about to go into the studio to work on our fifth full-length album in 11 years and we are looking for backers to help us pay for the recording costs. As part of the incentives to donate, I am giving away original artwork for some donations as well as other goodies. More info below:…



Please help raise funds for the Red Masque’s new album Mythalogue

3.19.12: A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds for the new album, Mythalogue.

Philadelphia avant rock band The Red Masque are heading back into the studio in April 2012 to create their fifth full-length album, Mythalogue. The group will

Work in Progress: Dueling Octopus (Sucker Punch)

I finally got to start my big octopus piece last night. This measures 24 × 36 inches and is on extra fine art board. Currently I am working with graphite, colored pencils and oil pastels on the piece, but I am also probably going to use iridescent gold acrylic in the background (or maybe even spring for gold leaf). I hope to submit this to an upcoming juried show with an approaching April deadline…. so wish me luck!

So here are some work in progress photos from today. Mind the messy studio! I have three arts shows coming up in April so it’s starting to get a bit over-crowded in there……!

initial sketch

Work in Progress: Extinction 1936 (The Thylacine)

For my latest artwork, I decided to try making a really fascinating extinct animal, the Thylacine, also known as the Tazmanian Tiger or the Tazmanian Wolf. Although there are some unverified reports of recent day sightings, the last known thylacine died in a Tazmanian zoo in 1936.The thylacine was native to continental Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea and was the largest marsupial carnivore.…

According to ARKive.org:
Although similar in appearance in some respects to a canine, “the thylacine was extremely distinctive, and the canine appearance was offset by the tapered hindquaters, relatively short legs and broad-based tail, which cannot be wagged from side-to-side. The short, coarse fur was a dirty yellow-brown with 13 to 19 transverse brown stripes running from the upper back to the ba

Work in Progress - Three Hares Part II

I’ve been plugging away at my “Three Hares” artwork the past couple of days. Currently I’m staining up some more “tiles” in red and sepia ink (and coffee!) and I should be finished with this piece by later tonight or tomorrow, knock on wood.…

I also incorporated a moon symbol, as well as a mysical rose symbol into the artwork. The moon has associations with rabbits and hares in the Orient, while the mystical rose is associated with Western Christian symbolism. The rose is also associated with various goddesses (Isis for example) and the Virgin Mary. Since the Three Hares is seen as a Christian symbol (specifically with the Virgin Mary as well as the Three-in-One God reference) I thought I should include that in there. It’s also similar to the Celtic triskele, associated with the triple go

New Art Wildlife Book

I have been sitting on some news but I can finally announce today that I was recently contacted to have some of my artwork published in an upcoming book, Wildlife Art Today by author Cindy Ann Coldiron. It is due to be published by Schiffer Books in 2013 (at this time it looks like it will be a Fall 2013 release).

Wildlife Art Today will be an anthology and discussion of contemporary wildlife artists, and features commentary by some of the artists on their process and animal art in general. The author is an artist herself and has published several books with Schiffer Press on various art topics.

So stay tuned for more news on this exciting project as it becomes available.

Work in Progress - Three Hares

I first heard about the Three Hares motif when I was doing research on hares and rabbits for a previous painting. It’s a fascinating motif which has been used across multiple cultures and countries since very early times.
See http://www.chrischapmanphotography.co.uk/hares/...

It appears to have traveled East to West, possibly along the silk trading route and has since spread throughout Eurasia. It’s meaning is not entirely clear but there are various theories; in addition, this meaning may change depending on which context / culture it is used. Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist religions all have incorporated this motif in their artworks.

It’s also a visual puzzle, as each of the three hares shares the same three ears in such a way that each appears to have a full set.
See htt

Work in Progress - The Imbroglio Part III

Please previous journal posts to view Pt 1 and Pt II of this series.

I am just about finished with this artwork. Today I just have to complete the coloring on the two “juvenile” creatures on either side of the main two bird / dragon / cockatrice creatures as well as the sun in the background. Which is just as well as I have a new commission to start next week, and I’ve just sold another large artwork and need to get cracking on some other large pieces (as well as a few minis) for upcoming shows.

Work in progress photos:

Work in Progress - The Imbroglio Part II

Please see my previous journal post to view part I of this journal post.…

I got some more work done my latest artwork, “The Imbroglio”, yesterday. I mostly finished the left-hand-side bird creature and started work on the right-hand-side bird creature. I also added 18K gold to the tongues.

Another artist on a forum mentioned she thought these guys look like cockatrices. While that was not my original intention when I drew them, I have to admit they do resemble the legendary creatures. A cockatrice has a deadly glance that turns one into stone, much like Medusa. The only way to kill it is to have it look in a mirror or by having a rooster crow.

Some photos below. I actually got much more finished on this artwork today and should have the artwork finished tomorrow. Stay tuned.

20 × 26 inche

Work in Progress - The Imbroglio plus other news

I have a ton of important art shows coming up shortly so I am hard at work creating new pieces. I realized I had not created any Celtic-y looking artworks in a little while so I decided that my new artwork would be a nod in that direction again.…

“The Imbroglio”
Work in Progress
26 × 20 inches.
Oil pastels and colored pencils (so far)

Also I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some pretty steady art sales going on and I just need to replenish my inventory in general. Most recently, in the past few weeks I’ve sold the originals of “Sour Times” and “Icon IV: The Fruit Bat”, “Portrait of a Sea Otter”, “The Black Swan”, and “The Dalek”, as well as one more piece which may also be leaving soon. I’ve also been contacted recently about doing a commission as well as a set of illustrations.


desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait