New WIP: Need a Title Suggestion

I started a new piece this past week and tentatively called it “The Stampede” but most people who have seen it so far expressed the fact they didn’t like the title. Since I am not sold on it (it was just a working title), please feel free to offer your suggestions below.

In the meantime, here are some photographs of the work in progress (WIP).

25 × 19″
oil pastels and exacto knife on pastel paper (so far)

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to say happy holidays to all my friends on Redbubble. I appreciate everyone’s comments / advice / support / friendship during this past year! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, whatever you celebrate.

Also for those, who are interested in such things, my band The Red Masque , recently performed a show on December 18th and we just uploaded some free MP3 bootleg audio files (recorded by an audience member) as well as youtube videos form that show. Info below:

Happy Holidays: New Free Music / Video from The Red Masque

Happy Holidays everyone.
As our present to you, we have uploaded both videos and audio mp3s from the band’s recent show at the M-Room in Philadelphia on December 18.

The mp3s are bootleg recordings made by Alexi Constantine from the band WOMB, who were also …

Pictures from an Exhibition: Photo Recap of my Solo Show tonight

Earlier today I had a reception for my new solo show at Countryside Gallery in Newtown PA. Countryside is a gallery that is now representing me and they cater towards the interior design market.

Here are a few photos of the current show, which will continue on through the New Year. I hope those in the area may consider stopping by to take a look!

The gallery owners, Barbara and Ryan, and I

Raven Steals the Sun Leaves the Roost

I am happy to announce that I’ve sold another original artwork from my new mini artwork series, The Raven Steals the Sun

This piece was inspired by Haida artwork and mythology. You can read about the myth here

I sold the original through my Etsy shop just after I finished up my latest mini Bowerbird which you can now see here on Redbubble. I’ll probably put the original for that up on Etsy sometime this weekend.

Raven Steals the Sun


WIP - Bowerbird Mini

I’ll have this finished tonight most likely, but here are some photos of a piece I worked on for a couple of hours last night.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Bowerbirds, they are really fascinating. They are like the interior decorators of birds. The males arrange elaborate bowers to attract mates (i.e. the ones with the best “pads” get the girl). To that end, they actually arrange foliage, berries etc to decorate their bower (which are elaborate “buildings” made out of thatched twigs etc.) Some of them even PAINT with twigs dipped into natural dyes to further decorate the bower.

Here is a cool video on the subject

There are different types of bowerbirds. The one below is a satin bowerbird (not the same one as the one in the above video)…

Tulugaq Flies Off

Whoo! Sold one of my minis last night plus some prints at a holiday arts / crafts thingee I went to. I had almost decided to skip it, as it’s a pretty small one at a local cafe, but figured (since it was free) I didn’t have anything to lose other than three hours of my time.

Anyway, I had had a successful show there a few months ago so there were people there who remembered me (and I had done the previous years holiday fairs though they weren’t particularly money-making shows for me personally). One of the previous show’s buyers came in (she already has three other artworks by me) with her son, who is hugely into ravens. Anyway, he was very pointedly pointing out my raven artwork to her. So she came up later and told me his 13th birthday was coming up and he was in…


Click here to see the contest

I just wanted to post about my group 21st Century Celts new challenge. It’s a call for NEW artwork and features three great prizes for the top three winners. I’m hoping to attract some new blood into the group as well as new art, so feel free to enter the challenge. More info below:

Celtic art developed over thousands of years and absorbed other cultures on the way to become what we know today: interwoven decorative art using spirals, knotwork, lettering, animals and humans.

This challenge asks for you to create a new Celtic artwork that mixes the ancient spirit and design of Celtic style with our modern world.

How can traditional art develop with and absorb into our current century? Can the symbolism and design of Celtic art be used in a modern w…

Whoo and Hoo X 3: Home Page Feature Plus Sales

Doing the happy dance in my office/studio today as I woke up, got some coffee, and logged onto Redbubble before I went to work scanning some new work I finished last night. And there is my Escape all lovely and big on the homepage!

Also I sold two t-shirts today and another one in the past day, so I want to thank the buyers for their recent purchases. I hope you enjoy wearing my artwork!

T-Shirt Sales include:

Blue Whale Tee in dark blue

Red Dragon No. 10 in black

and Koi Tee in charcoal grey, long sleeved.

Thank you!

And for those who missed my other journal announcement earlier. I am giving a way a free print for the holidays. You need to be a facebook fan of mine (CLICK HERE to become a fan) and you need to send an email to redeye@d…


All of my Facebook Fans are eligible. To join my facebook fan page, please click here . Please send email to with HOLIDAY PRINT GIVEAWAY in the subject line and your mailing address in the body of the email.

Winner will be chosen at random by Dec. 30th and notified via email.
Winner receives one free signed print from me (prints are archival art prints that I have custom made by a professional printer).

Whoooo! Major Happy Dancing

I just got an acceptance letter back from a high profile annual juried art show at a university not too far from where I live. The 10-day show is in May and features regional, national and international artists.

I also heard back from another university today and they want to schedule an appointment for me to come in and show my work to see about displaying in one of their galleries. So I’m still crossing my fingers on that one, but at least I got a call back so that is, at least, a positive sign….

For the juried show, they want four medium or larger works and up to four “minis”. Most of my stuff is medium sized or larger so I’ll have to see if I can do some decent minis (they consider a mini to be under 9×12″ with matte and frame included). I̵…

WIP - The Dryad - Part III - FINISHED!

To read part two of this journal series, click here

I finally finished my artwork “The Dryad”. I might tweak a little more tonight but this is basically how it’s going to look. I’ll send off to my photographer tomorrow to get pro photos made. I took some photos, but the light was bad today, so these are not the best shots, particularly because of all the metallic highlights on the artwork.

On this piece I used variegated metal leaf (in green), liquid gold leaf, gold ink, gouache, acrylics, oil pastels, colored pencils and ink marker. It measures 19 × 25″ and will be for sale.

For those of you unfamiliar with dryad, are mythological tree spirits. I made mine an autumnal tree spirit, hence all the fiery reds and golds in the piece.

WIP - The Dryad - Part II

To read the first part of this Work in Progress (WIP) series, please click here

Between design assignments for clients, applying for various art shows, and clutzy construction crews hitting electrical lines in my street and starting underground fires (!) as well as cutting power to the block (twice just this week), I’ve managed to get some more work done on my new dryad piece.

I am hoping I’ll be finished in the next couple of days.
This measures 19 × 25″.

WIP - The Dryad

Here are some work in progress photos of my latest artwork, “The Dryad”. I’m trying out a couple of new techniques on this so only time will tell if it all pans out or if this ends up on the scrapheap!

In the meantime….

My first calendar sale of the year!

Thank you the RB member who recently purchased a calendar of Curious Creatures . I am honored you selected one of my calendars to purchase. Thank you!

To view all of my calendars for sale, please click here

If you want a custom calendar with certain artworks for certain months, please just send me an email and I’d be happy to oblige.

Some new calendars for 2011

Myths, Legends and Fairytales



21st Century Celts

The Sun Wheel

Finally finished this last night. I hope to get pro photos of this so I can post up for prints in the next couple of days….

“The Sun Wheel”
25 × 19″
Mixed Media on Paper (gouache, oil pastels, colored pencils, liquid gold leaf, gold paint pen, ink marker).
FOR SALE. Please contact with inquiries.

This new piece represents life / energy/ creativity. The sun wheel is an ancient symbol with Indo-European roots, and represents the sun. The sun represents life to many cultures and with the birds and the bees both flying/solar animals (as well as euphemism for procreation), this artwork represents creation and life energy.

Trick or Treat!

First the trick part:

I am trying to win a contest over at Paper Dragon Ink. Please go to this link on facebook and “like” my artwork posted on the wall feed. The artwork is “Augury Ex Avibus”.

According to the contest:

Paper Dragon ink is having a contest to see who is the most hire-able artist on Face Book to celebrate our expansion of the artist for hire section on our website. The basic premise of the contest is that every one will post a picture on our page on face book . Then have their friends come by and “like” it and whoever gets the most likes will be the winner. We will also have celebrity judges whose votes will count for ten “likes” from various parts of the art and comic book community which means that people who make decisions about jobs will be…

Latest Artwork "The Escape"

Please see previous journal entries to view the work in progress photos behind this work.

Finally finished this piece earlier today and hopefully tomorrow I can get a “real” photographer to get some photos of this so that I can have prints made available. In the meantime here are my photos….

“The Escape”
24 × 19 inches approx.
mixed media on paper
Original artwork is for sale.
Please email to inquire about purchasing.

For those who missed the background story on “The Escape”, here it is again:

This artwork is inspired by the old Irish tale of the daughter of the High King. She was a beautiful woman but of free spirit and no man could court her. Her father the King decided that at the next Beltaine, that the first …

Day 3 WIP Photos "The Escape" plus Sales!

To read the previous post on this WIP series click here

I am getting close to the finish line here, as you can see. I may even be able to wrap up things by tonight. The hare, the lily, and the hound’s tale are the only parts left to color in.

Here are some WIP photos from the past two days:


I would like to thank the two anonymous buyers who recently purchased my Red Spider Tee and my Icon V: The Magpie as a card.


WIPs - The Escape

As I really enjoyed working on the subject matter for my commissioned artwork The Chase , I decided to make a larger piece on the same theme. Called “The Escape”, this artwork will measure about 18 × 24″. So far I’m just roughing out the preliminary sketches, which you can see below. I need to go look up whippet and greyhound feet to get the paws in better shape still, and I’m still thinking about the area in the upper part of the picture.

For those who missed the background story on The Chase, here it is again:

This artwork is inspired by the old Irish tale of the daughter of the High King. She was a beautiful woman but of free spirit and no man could court her. Her father the King decided that at the next Beltaine, that the first man who could catc…

Time-Lapse video of the making of "The Forest King"

As promised, I finally got the time-lapse video done of me working on one of my latest artworks The Forest King


The video was made by my good friend and filmmaker/animator, David Pym. David edited my camera footage for me and helped put the soundtrack on the video. The music was composed by David while I did the vocals. If you visit his website at you can see some clips of his film work, including clips of an animation with my artwork. One of our animation collaborations was screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008 (in the student film division). He also composed the music for the video, while I did the vocals.

This time-lapse video condenses two days worth of work into under a minute.

The initial sketch:

The final artwork:

Sales, WIP and New Video Coming Soon!

Hi All
Just a quick note to let you know that I will be uploading a time-lapse video within the next 24 hours to youtube that features the making of my artwork The Forest King

You can either subscribe to my channel on youtube or just wait until I post it here or on my facebook fan page .

The video was made by my good friend and animator, David Pym. David edited my camera footage for me and helped put the soundtrack on the video. The music was composed by David while I did the vocals. If you visit his website you can see some clips of his film work, including clips of an animation with my artwork. One of our animation collaborations was screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008 (in the student film division).

This time-lapse video condenses two days worth of work into about a minute. I…

Commissioned Artworks Information

I have been busy working on commissioned artworks lately, and thought I’d post some info here for those of you who might be interested:

I am available to create original commissioned artworks for you at a fee of $2 a square inch. (8 × 10″ = $160; 11 × 14= $308 etc.) These are for full color artworks; though if you would prefer a black and white ink piece, I can do that at a reduced cost.

For commissioned artworks I ask for a deposit of half up front, and half when the work is complete. After discussing what you are looking for in detail, I can show you an initial rough sketch for your approval. Moving forward, we can discuss any color preferences etc. I can ship the final artwork worldwide (we can calculate different shipping options before work begins). Additionally…

WIP - The Sun Wheel (Part II)

For those of you who follow my journal, I posted my initial sketches for this artwork last week. “The Sun Wheel” depicts a variation of a sun cross or solar symbol used by many pagan European cultures as well as in Hinduism. The ancient Celts also used sun wheels extensively, and as a solar symbol I decided to use birds and wasps in zoomorphic patterns around the central wheel. For those of you who see a stylized swastika form in the center of the sun wheel, the swastika is form of sun cross that existed for thousands of years before it was co-opted by the Nazis, and even today is widely used by Buddhists, Hindus and other Eastern religions. I say this, because I want to make it clear that I in no way support Nazism or racism in any form. If you want to read more about this an…

Radio Interview

Hey all, I will be on internet radio THIS WEDNESDAY from 9 AM to 10 AM EST US as part of Gtown Radio’s Morning Feed. I’ll be on the air with Brandon Ross (from my band The Red Masque ) and we’ll be talking about my art, the band, and Brandon’s new film project. Listen in online at

WIP - The Sun Wheel

I’m going over to my friend’s tomorrow night to work on the time-lapse video of my last WIP The Forest King but in the meantime, here are some photos of a new piece that I have been working on the past couple of days. Right now I just have the sketch mostly finalized, which I inked in (I may still add in some line work within the solar symbol in the middle). Tomorrow I’ll most likely start the coloring process.

Haven’t decided on a name yet. I was going to call it “Trinity” because there were three wasps pivoting around the central sun wheel but then at the last minute I decided to add in the two birds on the sides, so that title may not work anymore. I might just call it “The Sun Wheel”.

Whooo! Sales!

Just a quick note to thank the several people who bought t shirts and cards from me this week on Redbubble, including my first ever children’s tee sale. thank you so much!

Also, I just moved to this new town recently and they were having a street fair today so I decided to vend and see how the scene was. I ended up selling a bunch of prints as well as an original of “The Hippocamp”. Happy Dance! :D

Anyway, also made a contact who wants to set up a time to come over to look at some more of my work in the studio and buy an original, so we’ll see how that pans out.


WIP: Green Cathedral (or The Elk King)

I’m tentatively titling this “Green Cathedral” or possibly “The Elk King” but the name may very well change once the artwork gets fleshed out some more.

Below are some sketches of my newest artwork in progress. The idea behind it was to do almost like a frame (ala stained glass window) behind the posed head of an elk, who is representing the spirit of the forest / nature.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to make a time-lapse video of me coloring in the artwork. This will probably take a few days (a couple of days on the artwork, then some video editing by my friend). So if all goes well, I’ll post the video up here when it’s done.

I tweaked up the contrast on these photos so you could see the line work better.

The initial pencil sketch of just the e…

WIP - Hippocamp II - Days 3 and 4

To read part 1 of this journal entry, click here

In my previous journal entry, I posted about how I was working on a new artwork commission based off another artwork of mine. The customer wanted a larger version of The Hippocamp , created earlier this year. I posted work in progress (WIP) photos from my first two days on the artwork and today I am posting WIPs from days three and four. The artwork is now mostly complete. I may touch up something here and there though (possibly the clouds in the background).

The final artwork measures 25 × 19 inches approximately, and is made with acrylic, liquid gold leaf, liquid silver leaf, oil pastels, marker and colored pencils.

Here are WIP photos of Hippcamp II.

WIP: Hippocamp II

Recently, I was commissioned to create a larger version of The Hippocamp, an artwork I created earlier this year that depicts the mythological Greek sea horse. While the original version I created measures about 15 × 11 inches, this new one is 25 × 19 inches approximately.

I’ve been working on the artwork for two days now. Some photos of the work in progress below.

Finally Back Online! Plus Festival and WIP Recap

Whoo! I am finally back online after nearly three weeks of internet inactivity due to incompetence from my services provider after a recent move. In late August I moved to a much bigger apartment and now have my own art / office space. So I am excited to be setting up the new space and am going to take part in a local arts festival just outside my front door in the next couple of weeks to test the waters here.

In the meantime, some recaps of what I’ve been up to. Last weekend I participated in the Brandywine Festival of the Arts , a 50-year-old outdoor arts festival based out of Wilmington, DE which gets about 20,000 visitors over the course of the weekend. I set up a booth for two exhausting but worthwhile days and happy to report a successful sales venture. I will most likely be d…

Still Offline :(

HI all, Just an update to let you know I am still mostly offline after my recent move.
The phone company accidentally canceled my DSL service instead of transferring it to my new place, and right now I am waiting for the new DSL box to arrive – this week most likely.

So sorry for the sparse communication from me in the past couple of weeks. Also thanks to everyone who purchased tee shirts, cards and prints from me during that time as I’ve been unable to thank you properly. (I am only getting to log in sporatically at a wifi cafe up the road from me).

Some good news though: I sold two original works this past week: “Red Fox, Gold Birds” and “Bird’s Eye View” (which you can see on my portfolio on Redbubble or on my website at…

Offline Shennanigans

Hi all
Just a quick note to let you know I have been offline for over a week now due to Kafka-esque encounters with my phone and internet service provider. I am STILL offline (I am currently typing this from a borrowed computer) but latest ETA is a possible Thursday hook-up. So, knock on wood, I’ll be back online by the end of the week. If anybody has sent me messages or comments lately, I apologize, but I can’t respond to anybody right now….

Hope to be back online soon~ In the meantime, ciao~

Announcement: New Art licensing deal with Pacifica Tile Art Studio.....

It is my great pleasure to announce that earlier this week I signed a licensing deal with Pacifica Tile Art Studio. Pacifica creates tile art and tile murals for both commercial and residential spaces with international distribution. Their manufacturing facility is based out of Seattle.

As part of our agreement, Pacifica will now be offering seven of my artworks for sale as tile art murals, including “Three Ravens”, “The Harbinger Birds”, “The Elephant in the Room”, “The Red Horse”, “The Spider is the Web”, “The Garden” and “Garden II”.

Below: “Three Ravens” as ceramic tiles

Tile murals are available in various sizes in a choice of ceramic, tumbled marble, and textured glass tiles. Orders can…

WIP: Dragon Dance

This will probably be my last piece before my big move, and then I’ll need a little time to get my new work space in order, but I’m excited about having my own space to create art in. I am probably going to start doing oil paintings again, which is something I have not done in a while.

I’m also thinking of doing a series inspired by carousel horses. I also saw some freakish bugs and deep sea creatures today at an exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philly, and that got the gears working as well so you may very well see some tropical bug or possibly a freaky angler fish in the near future as well!

But in the meantime, here are some work in progress (WIP) photos of my latest piece, “Dragon Dance”.
Measures about 12 × 19 inches.

I plan on working s…

Please Welcome My Cousin to Redbubble & Other News

My cousin, James, recently joined Redbubble and uploaded his first artworks. Please welcome him on board. Click here to see his profile

Also thank you to the anonymous buyer who recently purchased my Ring of the Raven King tee shirt

And Thank YOU to RB member Susie Raine who purchased six of my cards to sell at her retail shop in Launceston Tasmania. I think this is the furthest away any of my artwork has ever gone! :)

In other news, my art sales have been going well at my current shows. In addition to sales of the originals The Garden of Honu and Gaia I am meeting with a buyer this weekend who will be purchasing Leaping Koi

I have three more pieces that are currently being eyed as well by potential buyers so keep your fingers crossed for me :)

In addition, a book that I designed t…

Solo Exhibition on Redbubble plus SALES

Hi all
Been super busy this week so this is just a quick note to let you know that the group Solo Exhibition is currently curating my online solo exhibition! Check it out here

Stop on by and enjoy some virtual art :)

Also, I am excited to report I sold another original at one of my current art shows in Philadelphia: Gaia was shipped off earlier today to her new owner.

Join me at Lynnette Shelley’s Solo Exhibition, ‘Celtic Motifs in Contemporary Art’

Photos from Two New Art Shows plus SALES

I just finished setting up two new art shows that will be ongoing for the next two months. One show I finished putting up last night, and the other has been up since this weekend, and I’ve already sold one of my larger pieces (The Garden of Honu ). See photos and additional info on my blog. CLICK HERE

Additional photos on my facebook fan page


August 1 through September 30 2010
Solo art exhibition at
The High Point Cafe,
602 W. Carpenter Lane,
Philadelphia, PA;

This features a collection of about fourteen of my latest artworks.

August 3-September 18 2010
“Curious Creatures and Archons of Alternate Dimensions:
A Selection of Artwork by Lynnette Shelley and Brandon Lord Ross
at Germ Books and Art Gallery,
2005 Frankford Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA.

Opening Rece…

My Work Has Been Nominated for SoJie 5!


A Little Bird Told Me – Self-Portrait with Celtic Hair
by Lynnette Shelley

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 39000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 5. SoJie 5 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 5th one, ever, and 61 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on July 28th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow…

Imminent Art Shows - PA, NJ and DE areas (USA)

Some information for some of my upcoming art shows for those who live in the area and might be interested.

Through August 1, 2010
2nd Annual Juried Art Show
Manayunk Roxborough Art Center
419 Green Lane (rear) Philadelphia, PA;

August 1 through September 31 2010
Solo art exhibition at
The High Point Cafe,
602 W. Carpenter Lane,
Philadelphia, PA;

This will feature a collection of about fourteen of my latest artworks.

August 1-31 2010
“Curious Creatures and Archons of Alternate Dimensions:
A Selection of Artwork by Lynnette Shelley and Brandon Lord Ross”
at Germ Books and Art Gallery,
2005 Frankford Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA.

September 3-October 29 2010
Group Art Exhibition at
The Straube Center,
One Straube Center Blvd,
Pennington, NJ 08534;

21st Century Celts Artist Interview & Profile: SnakeArtist

I posted this the other day in my Redbubble group 21st Century Celts but I wanted to post it here as well so that more people would see it.

I am starting up a monthly artist interview and profile at 21st Century Celts and for the first one I chose Bill Flowers, aka SnakeArtist here on Redbubble and elsewhere. Bill is an amazing artist as well as does wonderful rehabilitation work with animals and if you have never seen his work, please check it out.

Below is a copy of the interview, which you can see (and post your thoughts to Bill) here.

Bill Flowers, aka Snake Artist

Welcome to the first featured artist interview here on 21st Century Celts. I plan on featuring a new artist once a month and the featured artist will then pick the next artist for the following month (as well as offer a few…

WIP - Untitled - (The Cougar)

I started this last night but I still need to come up with a name for it. If you have any suggestions please post them below.

Subject matter is a cougar (aka mountain lion, panther or puma). So far this is mostly colored pencils, though I used a touch of off-white oil pastel for highlights.

WIPs below…..

Sneak Peak at a New Painting

I just finished a piece titled THE PHOENIX TREE a few moments ago. I need to scan it in so it’ll be sharp enough for prints, but in the meantime you can see some questionable quality photos of it here :)

WIP - The Nautilus Pt IV - Finished

To read part III of this journal entry, click here

I finally finished my latest mermaid-inspired artwork “The Nautilus” earlier today. I still need to get decent photographs taken, but you can see some in-process photos of the artwork over the past two days.

“The Nautilus”
25 × 19 inches
Mixed Media on Paper
$700 matted and framed
Please email with sales inquiries

Days Four and Five

WIP - The Nautilus Pt III

To read Part Two of this journal entry, please click here

Day Three of my current artwork, the Nautilus:

Also I’d like to thank the anonymous buyer who recently purchased my Mosquito Tee in light grey. You rock!

Pictures from an Exhibition

Some photos from my two shows over the past weekend.

This photo is from the Drawgasmic Exhibition in St. Louis on July 10. I sent in my piece Grackle’s Day Out , which can be seen here in the second row, fourth artwork from the left.

This photo was taken from the facebook event page so hopefully it’s okay to repost here. Photo by: Maggie Morrill

Below are some photos from the 2nd annual juried art show at the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center in Philadelphia on July 11. The exhibit runs through August 1. I n these photos yo…

WIP - The Nautilus Pt II

To read part one of this journal, click here

I am going to be pretty busy the next couple of days so this will probably the most I get finished on my new artwork, The Nautilus, until Monday.

I started this yesterday evening and spent about six hours off and on working on this today.

Here are the results so far.

WIP - The Nautilus

I started this piece yesterday after having the image in my head the night before.
Tentatively titled, The Nautilus, it measures about 25 × 19 inches.

Some rough WIPs below. You can see I’m just starting to do some color blocking on the face and hair but these are still very rough. I need to brighten up the white in the one eye some more, and smooth out the shading on the face. I just started putting in highlights and shadows on the one side of the hair part.

In my initial sketch, the mermaid had a face that was quite different, but I felt she looked too doll-faced and not like a real person so I changed up her face shape, narrowed her eyes and elongated her nose. And while not perfect, I think the face on this one looks much more like a real person and less like a doll.

More WI…

Two Shows, Two Cities, Two Days! THIS WEEKEND

I’m two-timing it this weekend, with one local Philadelphia art event, and one art event out in St. Louis. So pick your poison, or you can even attend virtually. Details below.

One Night Only: July 10, 2010

2010 Drawgasmic Exhibition
at 2720 / Art Dimensions Gallery
2720 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO 63118.
7 PM.

My original artwork “Grackle’s Day Out” can be purchased at the art gallery in person or online the day of the event by clicking here . View the facebook event page here .

“Grackle’s Day Out”

July 11 to August 1, 2010
Artist Reception is on July 11, 11 AM to 3 PM.
2nd Annual Juried Art Show
Manayunk Roxborough Art Center
419 Green Lane (rear) Philadelphia, PA;

Back from the Framing Shop

I got back Leaps and Bounds from the framing shop a bit earlier than expected so I’m going to submit it, as well as Gentle Giant and Augury Ex Avibus to the juried art show later today. If accepted, I’ll post the show details here as well as on my website.

I chose a subtle metallic brushed copper matte and a light bronze gallery style frame. I think it looks pretty sharp with the artwork. Total framed size is to be determined but it’s probably about 26 × 36 inches or so. Photos below.

“Leaps and Bounds (the Impala)”, 2010
Mixed Media (liquid gold leaf, acrylic, tea, coffee, ink, colored pencils, collage on handmade Punjab watercolor paper).

Please email with sales inquiries.

Possibly Copyright Infringement Issue - Need Advice

Hi guys
I am wondering what you all would think of this.

A web design company is using a screenshot of my art website as an example of an artist’s website that they could design for you. They don’t say that they designed the site but they said it an example of a website design that you could look at for inspiration when you talk to them about designing your site.

I designed my website, and I was never contacted about giving permission about using my website as an ad for them.
I also do design work so I am bit annoyed that they are taking my design and saying it’s something they could offer a client when they had nothing to do with it. Now, they are using it as an example of a three column layout design as one idea of how to show your work.

here is the page in question

As …

WIP - The Dark Salt Sea (Moby Dick)

I probably read Moby Dick by Herman Melville for the first time only about a year or two ago. I was playing catch up on various classic works of literature that I had never gotten around to reading but had always wanted to. The quest for the white whale seemed like a good place to start over a hot humid summer. I had actually originally read the non-fiction book In the Heart of the Sea, which was the true accounts of the Nantucket whaler Essex, which was rammed and sunk by an enraged bull sperm whale around the year 1819 or 1820.

This actual maritime disaster (the men aboard the ship spent three months at sea adrift for the most part, and resorted to cannibalism in their dire hunger and thirst), inspired Herman Melville when he wrote the end of Moby Dick, in which the white whale rams and…

Art Show Recap, Sales and WIP

Art Show Recap
Sorry I’ve been missing in action the past few days but I was away for the past several days attending the North East Art Rock Festival (or NEAR FEST ). This annual international progressive rock music festival takes place at the Zoellner Art Center at the Lehigh University Campus in Bethlehem, PA. In addition to the music performances, there is also a lot vending going on, including an art room featuring such fantasy and album cover artists as Mark Wilkinson and Claus Brusen . This year I decided to vend my artwork as well.

I brought along a bunch of matted giclee prints, some Redbubble-printed cards, and some select originals.

Above Photos by Debbie Sears

If you look really close, you can see my Redbubble cards sticking out of the box on the right hand side of the ta…

WIP - The Banyan Tree Part II

To read part 1 of this journal entry, please click here

For the past few days I’ve been working on a new artwork inspired by the beautiful banyan tree. Today I mostly finished up my work, though I plan on adding some tweaks to things.

“The Banyan Tree”
19 × 25 inches
Gouache, liquid silver leaf, oil pastels, colored pencils, ink and silver sharpie on Strathmore paper.

Second batch of WIPs:

Mark Your Calendars: Radio Interview with MOI

You’ve seen my artworks, WIPs and pasty face in photos, now you can hear me on the internet radio! You may want to hide the children, but on Friday, June 25th from 9AM to 10 AM Eastern Standard Time (US), I will be interviewed by DJ Ed Feldman of Gtown Radio , a locally-based internet radio station. To listen in, visit their web site and select the listen links on the top right hand corner at the appropriate time.

If you have any specific topics you’d like to be talk about, please post them below and I’ll see if I can work some of that into the interview.


WIP: The Banyan Tree

For my latest WIP, I decided to try my hand at botanicals, and more specifically, the Banyan Tree. I thought the amazingly gigantic and twisty roots and limbs of this tree would lend itself well to my art style.

I also picked up some gouache at the art store, which I wanted to try out. In addition to gouache, I also (so far) have used liquid silver leaf, ink, oil pastels, colored pencils and a silver sharpie marker.

The WIPs below show two sessions on two different days.

Hope you enjoyed…..

I should be posting more WIPs tomorrow most likely so stay tuned…..

WIP: Leaps and Bounds (The Impala)

Spent a couple of hours the day before and then most of yesterday on this.

“Leaps and Bounds (The Impala)”
about 23 × 30 inches or so.
Ink, Tea, Coffee, Liquid Gold Leaf, Gold Paint Pen, Black Gouache and White Acrylic on white Stonehenge and handmade deckled cream-colored Punjab paper.

I started off with a sketch of the impala on the Stonehenge paper. After inking in the outlines and some initial work on the head, I accidentally tore the paper and rather than throw it all away, I cut out the impala shape, which the tear hadn’t reached, and then pasted it on the handmade Punjab paper. Before pasting it on though, I stained the Punjab paper with tea and coffee, which, with the deckled edges, kind of almost gave it an animal hide look.

I kept the colors to strictly brow…

WIP - Three Wily Salmon

This latest artwork harkens back to some of my earlier “flat” design works and features a Celtic art-inspired trio of knotwork salmon. The Celts believed salmon represented wisdom and intelligence. I decided to keep the design simple, with an unfinished background so that the linework would be the main focus.

Artwork measures 25×19 inches and is created with ink, acrylic and gold paint pen on red Canson paper.

Lions, Ravens, Sea Turtles and Serpent Trees, oh my!

Just a quick note to thank various anonymous buyers and RB members who purchased the following over the weekend:

Celtic Lion Sticker

Mosquito Tee

Three Ravens Tee

a card of The Garden of Honu

Serpent Tree Sticker

and a greeting card of The Ascension of Leo

Thank you!

Also I mentioned last week that I was meeting with a new gallery owner who were interested in representing me and my work. The meeting was successful and I’ll be dropping off some works there next week sometime. There will also be a solo art show in the future. This particular gallery focuses on the interior design market so it’s a little bit different from a traditional fine art gallery, but hopefully it should be an interesting alternative. I’ll have more details posted later…..

WIP: Leaping Koi Part II (Finished!)

To read part 1 of this journal, please click here

First of all thank you to the person that bought a card from me today of The Ascension of Leo Muchas Gracias!

Also yay! I met with a new gallery today and have some good news. This “interior design” gallery is in a high end historic area in the Bucks County region of Pennsylvania and will be representing my work to the design market. I’m negotiating with them now on a solo show later this year, but in the meantime I’m getting ready to drop off some works there in the next couple of weeks. Details to follow!

Finally, I finished up my Leaping Koi artwork last night and will be bringing it out to an outdoor arts fair this coming Saturday.

Some WIPs and then the final artwork

scan of the final artwork

WIP: Leaping Koi

For those who are curious, here are some behind the scenes WIPs from my latest artwork, Leaping Koi.

Basically I’ve been busier than usual trying to create smaller (more economically-priced) artworks for some upcoming arts fairs and shows of mine.

This latest piece measures 11 × 14 inches and is on light orange Canson paper.
Apologies for the slight blur in the photograph, I think there was as smudge on my camera lens I hadn’t noticed.

Thanks for the Sale and Wish Me Luck

Thank you to the RB member who recently purchased my Messenger Tee
Congrats, you are the first person to purchase this tee, and as such, will be sporting a totally unique design.

Also send positive vibes my way as I am going to be meeting with some new gallery owners later this week who may be interested in representing me. I’ll fill in details later after I see what the situation is.

Also, coming up on Saturday, June 5th, I got into a local street art festival (I only found out about it last week so this is a kind of last minute thing). So wish me luck… IF anybody lives in the Philadelphia area, you might want to stop by and check it out . PM me if you want my exact street location….

Upcoming Art Events

Happy upcoming Memorial Day everyone! Summer has gotten an early start in Philadelphia, and I have been very busy creating new artworks here as I gear up for a very full schedule this coming summer. Scroll down for details….

Please check out my newly updated Etsy shop listings

Don’t forget to join my facebook fan page

Visit my website for all the latest artworks, sales, events and more:


Now THROUGH June 5th

“Masquerade” Juried Group Art Show at
Gallery 101, 501 N Andrews Ave,
Ft Lauderdale FL 33301; 954-882-1861.
My artwork, The Fox Maiden is on display at this masquerade themed art exhibit.

This Month

June 5, 2010
Mt. Airy Art Jam, Philadelphia, PA. 10 AM to 5 PM various locations outdoors along Germantown Avenue. I will be vending in …

WIP: Untitled PT III - Finished

To read Part Two of this WIP journal series, click here

Last night I finished up my as-yet-untitled new bird artwork. At this point I am considering calling it THE HARBINGER BIRDS or possibly THE HARBINGERS.

Anyway, I photographed the finished artwork this morning, but I"ll have someone better at photography than me do the final photo for print sales here on RB and elsewhere. I’ll most likely put it up on my Etsy shop for sale, at least until a suitable art show comes along.

WIP: Untitled PT II

To read, part 1 of this journal entry, click here

I’ve spent two more days on my latest artwork and all I have left to do at this point is to add in the background. I still have not come up with a decent name however, so if anybody has any title suggestions, feel free to post them below.

Without further ado, here are my WIPs

WIP: Untitled

I just started this piece last night and thought I’d document my progress here.
This is a mixed media artwork on 19 × 25 inch “Hemp” colored Canson paper. I don’t have a name for it yet, but I am thinking something to do with Firebird (represented by The Eagle) and Rainbird (portrayed by the Peacock-esque bird),

Masquerade Art Show Tonight! Plus Lots of Sales! Whoo!

Hi all
Just a heads up to let those of you in the Florida area know about the fabulous exhibit that RB’s Helene Ruiz is hosting at Gallery 101 in Fort Lauderdale tonight. My art, as well as several other RB members and some other national artists will be on display there through June 5 but the opening reception is tonight.

Press Release below:

Details below:

May 22-June 5, 2010
“Masquerade” Juried Group Art Show at
Gallery 101
501 N Andrews Ave,
Ft Lauderdale FL 33301; 954-882-1861.

May 22, 2010, 7 to 10 PM:
A Multi-Media Arts Event and Masquerade Ball.
Opening reception and “masked gathering”

For those who may want to purchase a mask for this event, there will be a limited amount of masks available for sale at the door

Refreshments / Wine

This ex…

Latest WIP: Bluebird

Hi all
Just started this piece a little while ago. I am working on a series of smaller artworks for some upcoming shows and a big art festival this summer.

Anyway, stuck on a name for this one just yet, as “The Bluebird” is just lame and that is the only thing coming to my head right now other than “Bluebird of happiness” which is even lamer ;) So feel free to toss out ideas if you have any, though as the work is finished the title may come to me.

Anyway, here it is so far.
Mixed media on some sort of decorative paper.
8 × 10 inches

My art is now on youtube!

I just uploaded my first youtube video! Click here to visit my channel and bookmark me.

This first video is a basic overview of some of my work, but I plan on making actual videos to upload as I am able (perhaps me working on a piece or from various art events), so stay tuned :)

WIP: The Appaloosa - FINISHED

To read the first part of this WIP journal entry, please click here

First of all, thank you to the person who purchased my Magpie Tee last night. I hope you enjoy!

Secondly, I finished up my latest artwork, The Appaloosa, last night. I hope to get more pro photos of it in the next day or two and then I’ll upload it to Redbubble. But in the meantime, here are my photos below.

Final artwork is 25 × 19 inches, mostly oil pastels, and some colored pencils and cut paper collage on light orange Canson paper.
I ended up adding the paper collage afterward as I felt there was too much space on the upper right hand side of the artwork

NEW WIP: The Appaloosa

First of all, thank you to the anonymous buyer who purchased some cards from me today of Red Dragon No. 2 and Red Dragon No. 4

Secondly, I started a new artwork earlier this week, tentatively called THE APPALOOSA, after the distinctive spotted horse breed

This measures about 25 × 19 inches and is so far mostly oil pastels on light orange/yellow Canson pastel paper.

I am thinking of creating a spotted background to go with it, to play up the horse’s skin coloring. This still needs a lot of tweaks and refinements, but here is the artwork so far….

Thanks for the Sale, Plus New WIP coming soon

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who recently purchased my Celtic Reindeer Tee . This is my first sale of this particular t-shirt, so enjoy wearing it knowing you are the only person in the world wearing it currently :)

Also, I am working on new artwork, with no name just yet, but I plan on posting up WIPS by this weekend. So stay tuned….

Also, for those of you who live in or near Philadelphia, PA, my band The Red Masque has a gig this Friday. Please see our schedule page for details.


“The Fox Maiden” just arrived safely in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Gallery 101 today. yay! I hate shipping art so had all my fingers and toes crossed. The Fox Maiden will be on display and sale at Gallery 101 from May 22nd through June 5th as part of their Masquerade Art Sh…


Hi all
Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA this week. My mother-in-law suddenly passed away early Monday, and so things are a little up in the air right now with preparations etc.

But I just wanted to congratulate RB member Alexandra Felgate, for winning my free print contest of last week. I sent off the print yesterday to you Alex so you should be seeing it soonish! I’ll surprise you with what I sent.

Also I want to thank the anonymous person that purchased my Three Ravens Tshirt a little while ago.

I’ve also gotten a bunch of features that I have not been able to keep up with, so thank you everyone who featured my artwork. I am grateful.

And, for those of you who saw my Hippocamp artwork from yesterday, I reuploaded a new version today as something was bugging me about it and I …

Revamped Website and FREE Print Contest

I’ve been a busy bee and reworked my whole website, and in particular made my art sales a little more intuitive (hopefully!). I’ve also added some new prints to the print shop and did some spring cleaning in general.

So, because many eyes are better than just mine, I’d like you to check out the site and let me know if you see any glaring errors or have any suggestions and in general just test-drive it and let me know what you think. I’m going to still be tweaking the site over the next week or so, but the main meat-and-potatoes front-end stuff is finished (I think).

To thank you for your help, I’m awarding one lucky person a FREE signed and matted giclee print from me.

TO WIN A FREE PRINT, please follow these instructions:

1) Fill out the form on the co…

Happy Dance! Featured on RB Homepage Plus More Sales and Features!

My Laughing Fu Lion Tee was featured on the frontpage of Redbubble last night. Happy Dance!

Later that evening, an anonymous buyer purchased a mounted print of Icon IV – The Fruit Bat

A BIG THANK YOU! That was my first mounted print sale from RB so i am curious to see how they look.

I’ve bought other products from RB and am pretty happy with the consistent quality so far. Earlier this week I put in a big order for some of my cards so I can resell them at upcoming summer arts fairs (hopefully!). The cards I had bought from other RB members all looked really good.

Also I just wanted to say thank you to the following groups for featuring my works in the past 24 hours-

REDemption for featuring Icon IV: The Fruit Bat and #1 Artists of Redbubble for featuring The Union


whoo! another sale! Bye Bye Blue Whale....

Whoo! good things comes in twos today. Just after I sold the framed print of “The Garden” I got a surprise purchase from an RB member of a laminated print of Blue Whale

Thank you!!

I got pro photographs taken of my new whale artwork today (Gentle Giant), so I should be uploading that to RB sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned…..

"Gentle Giant" - WIP Start to Finish!

I zipped (relatively speaking) through this artwork over the past two days, creating the majority of it last night. Unlike some of my other artworks, I basically improvised the background as I went along, the only part of the artwork sketched out before hand was a very basic outline of the humpback whale.

This will probably be the last large artwork I make for a little while, as I concentrate on smaller pieces for some upcoming art shows and festivals.

GENTLE GIANT is for sale, so if anybody is interested, please send me a PM. I’m going to have my photographer friend take a more pro photograph of it in the next day or two and will upload it to my Redbubble portfolio then.

The final artwork measures 19 × 25 inches and is mixed media on paper. For this piece I used watercolor pen…

WIP: The Adversaries III (Part III): FINISHED

Previous Journal Entries

Read Part 1 Here
Read Part 2 Here

Adversaries III is finally finished!
I ended up going with something a bit different than I had originally envisioned for the background. Artwork measures 19 × 25″, and is made with oil pastels, colored pencils, silver and black sharpie, ink markers, liquid copper leaf and gold paint.
I am looking to sell the original, so if you are interested, please send me a PM.

I’ll get my photographer friend to take a more pro shot of this tomorrow but in the meantime, here are my pictures:

WIP: The Adversaries III (Part II)

To see my journal entry for Part 1, click here

The WIP madness continues….

Please note: I didn’t realize it while I was taking the pictures but there was a smudge on the lens so all the photos I took have a slight haze / blur just off of center. That’s the camera! I’ll try and fix this for next time.

The past couple of days I’ve been adding various color layers to the artwork (base coat with colored pencil, then another coat in oil pastels, then some detail work in colored pencil or oil pastels, then some gold leaf accents.

Me in my Aegipan long-sleeve RB tee!

Also check out these Buyer’s Booth photos of Dance of the Moon Horse by talented RB member Beth Clark!

Harley Cat is not impressed by I am :)

Buyers’ Booth Link


WIP: The Adversaries III

Late in 2008, I completed one of my favorite artworks, The Adversaries , which featured two medieval / celtic looking beasts (a dragon / serpent and a lion) locked in a tangle. Since then I’ve also completed Adversaries II and today I am working on a third artwork within this theme.

Adversaries III features two highly stylized alligator / crocodile creatures (I took a little bit of inspiration from Mayan artwork for their heads) wrestling sinuously. The artwork measures 19 × 25 inches and is on green Canson paper. Below are my initial WIP photos….

Sales, Features & Art Shows, OH MY

Just a heads up on some upcoming art events:

I am having a solo art show now through April 25 at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE. The opening reception is THIS FRIDAY at the Baby Grand Gallery, April 9 from 5:30 to 8 PM. There will be complimentary refreshments. Please stop by if you are in the area and say hello :) I have 25 pieces at the show on display / sale.

Thank you to the wonderful Helene Ruiz who helped organize this wonderful new exhibit coming in May to Gallery 101 in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Myself and a bunch of other Redbubble artists will have work on display from May 22 through June 5 2010. Read Helene’s Journal Article for more information on the opening night reception on May 22. My artwork The Fox Maiden will be one of the…

Features and Challenge Wins: Thank you!

Whoo! Thank you to the group International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination for my top 10 challenge win for Batty About Bats

My winning illustration was Icon IV: The Fruit Bat

International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination also recently featured my new Tshirt Design, Laughing Fu Lion Tee

My Mosquito Tee was featured in Imaginative Skulls, as was The Laughing Fu Lion

Thank you so much :)

New WIP: Fu Lion (Part IV) - FINISHED!

This is the fourth and final installment of journal entries chronicling my latest artwork, “The Laughing Fu Lion”

The artwork measures 18 × 24 inches approximately and is made with acrylic paint, liquid gold leaf, liquid copper leaf, foil and paper collage, marker and a bit of colored pencil on an unknown make of handmade deckled grey Spanish paper.

Click the below links to read the previous three journal entries on this subject:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I finished up the artwork a short while ago. Hopefully I should get a professional photo of it in the next day or two and then can upload it to Redbubble, but in the meantime, here are my photos.

New WIP: Fu Lion (Part III)

This is the third installment of journal entries chronicling my latest artwork “Fu Lion” (or whatever title I come up with at the end of the process).

Click the below links to read the first two journal entries on this subject:

Part 1
Part 2

I anticipate finishing this artwork sometime tonight most likely, but you can see what I was up to yesterday with the following pictures: First I finalized the background with the collage cutouts and touched up the gold leaf on the circles. Although I originally started the face coloring with some watercolor pencils and colored pencils, the texture of the paper is such that it is not conducive for getting the best results out of these two mediums. (The paper tended to wear away if you rubbed too hard on its surface). I decided to switch to …

New WIP: Fu Lion (Part II)

To read my Part I journal entry, click here

Last night and today I worked on the background of the artwork – applying several layers of liquid gold and copper leaf on the background with a brush. I still have to touch up some of the gold on the circles. I also added in some foil and paper collage cutouts to the background. I’ll most likely add some more to the bottom left and upper right corners of the piece as well.

I’ll finalize the background later today hopefully and get some more headway on the color on the fu lion.

New WIP: Fu Lion

Just started a new artwork earlier today and thought I’d post my WIPs here.

Inspired by the Chinese mythological guardian lion carvings (also known as Fu Lions, Foo Lions or Lions of Buddha or even stone lions), this latest artwork measures about 18 × 24 inches.

After an initial sketch, I inked in the final lines and started some preliminary color work. The paper I am using is this wonderful handmade deckled light grey Spanish paper that I bought off another artist earlier this week. The paper is now discontinued and I am unsure of the actual make of the paper, but I also picked up some nice Stonehenge and handmade Punjab (Indian) watercolor fine art papers that I plan on working with in the near future.

Stay tuned for more photos as the work progresses……

Features and Sales: Thank you!

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who purchased my Ganesha Tee over the weekend. I hope you enjoy! The original Ganesha is currently for display / sale at Rock Star Gallery in Philadelphia.

And thank you to the following groups for features in the past week or so:

RABBIT, RABBIT for featuring March Hare

PAINTED LADIES and BUYER’S CLUB for featuring The Empress

IMPRESSIONISM CAFE for featuring Ganesha

and ART AND STORIES MADE FOR CHILDREN for featuring The Fox Maiden

Thanks again and for those who are wondering about what curious creature I am currently contemplating for my next creation, it’s a Foo Dog.

The Empress - Now Finished and up for Auction on Ebay

For those of you who were following along to my WIP journal entries for THE EMPRESS, the artwork is now complete and I have uploaded both the traditional tarot card version and a blank version which shows just the artwork.

I also am now offering the original artwork up for auction on Ebay for those who may be interested in purchasing her.

If she doesn’t end up selling at the auction then I’ll most likely posting her up at my Etsy shop next week.

WIP - The Empress - Part Two - FINISHED

This is the second part in a two part journal entry chronicling the work in progress of my artwork THE EMPRESS. To read the first part, click here

I am creating The Empress for a new group called the Redbubble Tarot group, in which each artist creates one artwork for a uniquely illustrated tarot deck. My card is The Empress, the third card in the major arcana of the tarot.

I finished the artwork last night and scanned in the artwork today so I’ll be uploading the final artwork file to Redbubble soon. In the meantime, here are some photographs of the different stages in coloring in the work. If you read my first journal entry , you’ll get a behind the scenes glimpse at the sketch and line work.

First thing I did was to apply the liquid gold leaf with a paintbrush, and then I st…

WIP - The Empress - Part One

I was recently contacted by the Redbubble Tarot group to create an artwork for a tarot card. I chose to do the Empress. The Empress card represents abundance and fertility, Mother Nature, the Earth. She is often depicted with stars in her hair, pregnant, and with a fruitful abundance of nature at her feet (waterfalls, ripening wheat, a green multitude of plants). She is often depicted in a gown with pomegranates as a design pattern.

I created a prep sketch last night and earlier today I inked in the final lines. I’ll start the coloring work shortly. This measures about 12.5 × 19 inches.

I have the WIPs posted up on my facebook fan page , but I am posting them again here.

Sales and Work In Progress Alert

First of all thank you so much to the two people who recently bought a matted print of

The Stag of Cernunnos and the Serpent Tree Tee

I have been busy over here working away on preparations for a solo show coming up at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE in April. For those of you in the area, the show will be up from April 4 through 25 and I will have an artist reception on April 9 from 5:30 to 8 PM as part of the Wilmington Art Loop. For more on my upcoming art events, please visit my website.

I’ll be unveiling The Union as well as about 20-plus works at the Grand in April.

As some of you may have heard, a new group has formed on Redbubble called the Redbubble Tarot . Selected artists were invited to join the group and each artist will be cr…

Copyright Infringement: Should I be flattered or pissed? ;)

HI all
I just came across this artwork on flickr

On the one hand, I guess I should be flattered someone copied me. And at least he/she gave a link back to my original artwork and gave me credit. On the other hand, I am kind of peeved to see a really crappy photoshop filter over my artwork (they claim it’s oil on canvas but to me it looks like more of a photofilter than oil on canvas). They even cropped it right where my signature would be.

Here is a link to my artwork for comparison

So, I guess I don’t know how I should feel about this. Flattered or pissed? lol

Exhibit A: The copy

Exhibit B: MY original artwork

Exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art Print Offer, plus features

Hi all
Just a heads up that I am now offering an exclusive, limited edition giclee art print of “The Union” direct through my official website. The signed 12 × 16 inches print is available on velvet fine art paper and is limited to an edition size of 300. This exclusive print offer is available through my website’s store page . Cost is $50 and international shipping is available.

Otherwise, I have open editions of signed 8 × 10 inch artworks (matted to 11 × 14) available also on my store page for 30 dollars, and smaller size prints and cards (unsigned) are available through Redbubble .

Also I would like to say thank you to the following groups for their recent features:



Redbubble Interview

1. What’s your favourite artistic tool or piece of equipment (past, present or dream)?

Favorite tool is a blank piece of paper; the possibilities are endless….

2. Which work are you most proud of and why?

That can change day to day, but currently I am proud of an artwork that I just completed last night (called THE UNION ). You can see the works in progress of the artwork in my journal entries.

WIP – Days 1 and 2
WIP – Day 3
WIP – Day 4
WIP – Day 5

I am most proud of it because as of right now it’s one of the works that came out pretty much like I wanted it to. Sometimes you’ll start a piece and it evolves into something else (which can be good or bad, depending on your view), or it does not quite live up to what you were thinking when …

Featured Artist plus March Hare Hops Away

I just wanted to post a quick note to thank the hosts of the new PINK PANTHER group for using my Puma artwork as their group avatar and for making me a featured artist of the group

The new group is “A multi-cultural exploration and promotion of the differences and similarities between women’s art in 2010.” So please check it out as I think it’s a group will have a lot to offer in the coming months.

Also I would like to thank the anonymous buyer who recently bought a matted print of March Hare . Very appropriate as we are going into the Mad March month! I hope you enjoy….

WIP - Day 5 - "The Union" - FINISHED!

For those who have been following my journal entries, this is the fifth installment of some chronicles of a work-in-progress. Well, tonight, I finished “The Union”. I took some quick photos of the result, but I’ll have my photographer friend take a more professional photo of it hopefully tomorrow or the day after . which I’ll post to Redbubble.

So, without further ado, here is “The Union”

WIP - Day 4 - "The Union"

This is the third journal entry, chronicling the progress on my latest artwork, “The Union”. You can see previous entries if you look back at my Journal archive.

Yesterday was the fourth day I had been working on the piece. I’ve been busy so I’ve only had a a few hours to spare here and there so progress have been slower than I would have liked. However, after I finish up some work today, I plan on tackling this again and can hopefully put a serious dent into the remainder of the work to be done.

As you can see, I started the coloring process for the left-side elephant. These are not the best photos to show color and details, but I chose a warm tomato red to compliment the cool blue/green of the right-side elephant.

Harley Cat is not impressed…..


WIP - Day 3 - "The Union"

This is the second journal entry in a series chronicling my latest artwork in progress, “The Union”, featuring two stylized elephants set against a floral background.

Tonight I added some gold leaf, gold acrylics and started to color in the right-hand elephant. The color blocking is only a bit rough at the moment as I still need to go in and add in more shading etc…

Also, a belated thanks this week for the seven sales (some to Redbubble members and some to anonymous buyers).

Sales included cards of Icon V: The Magpie, The Light Bearer, The Cat and the Conundrum, and A Spring Idyll, as well as matted prints of Fire Horse and Waterhorse

I also had some featured art this week – Aegipan was featured in the group ANTLERS, RAC…

WIP - Days 1 and 2 - "The Union"

I started another new artwork yesterday, tentatively titled “The Union” (though that is subject to change), and I thought I’d document the process each day I work on it.

This piece measures about 19 × 25 inches. Last night I created a rough sketch and this evening I finalized the sketch and inked over some final lines. Tomorrow I hope to start the coloring in process. So did not keep track of my time but I would estimate I’ve spend about three hours on the sketch and inking process so far. I’ll try and keep better track of my time moving forward….

These are not the best photos in the world but you get the idea at any rate. Basically I’ve created two stylized elephants, with interlocking trunks, and a floral motif in the background. I’m …

Thanks for the Features, Plus Top 10 Win

Thanks to the following groups for their features in the past few days:

Mapgie Tee was featured in Wear Your Art

Aegipan was one of the top 10 artworks in the Avant Garde Featured Artist Challenge

Meanwhile, Icon V: The Magpie won the Avant Garde Art Avatar Challenge

Augury Ex Avibus was featured in Breaking the Boundaries

And finally Blue Whale Tee was feature in both Animal Fantasy & Whimsy and Freedom to Shine

Thanks again

Sales plus Website Revamp

I’ve been swamped so apologies if you’ve sent me a note and I’ve not gotten back yet. Thank you also to my recent card buyers who purchased three cards this past week (two of The Garden of Honu , and one of March Hare ).

Anyway, part of the reason I’ve been swamped is

a) I submitted an application to be a vendor at a very large, established arts festival in September and
b) I updated my website’s store page as well as my Etsy shop with new artworks and prints. So check them out if you have a chance….



“Red Lily” ACEO on Etsy

“Shy Bird” ACEO on Etsy

Don’t forget my Ebay listings! I’ve got some good deals up there that are set to expire soon…. Check it out

Three Ravens Art Reception, Photos and Features

As some of you may know, last night I had an artist reception for myself and two other artists (abstract artist Mary Ann Wakely, and abstract expressionist artist Nury Vicens) at Three Ravens Gallery in Ardmore, PA. While the recent blizzards did keep down attendance some (our town is just not equipped to deal with four foot of snow), some more hardy art lovers did venture forth and we had a fun time.

A few pics below. You can see more on my facebook Fan page . If you have not already “fanned” me, please do!

Also thank you to the following groups for their recent features:

TROPICAL ART for featuring The Garden of Honu

DRAGON’S FIRE for featuring Adversaries II

and TIGER TIGER for featuring my Burning Bright Tee


Features for Honu, plus New Ebay Auctions Live Now

Thanks to two new groups, COLORED PAINTING and FUN DRAWING , for featuring my Garden of Honu artwork!

Also, for those who may be interested, I have some new auctions up on ebay now. Check it out here

Included is an original gecko ACEO / ATC, my artworks “Deer Woman”, “Midnight Mandarin” and “The Green Stag”, as well as a signed and matted giclee print of “The Lizard King”

Deer Woman

The Green Stag

Midnight Mandarin

The Lizard King

I also just put up “The Black Swan” on my Etsy shop for any of you interested in purchasing the original.

Snowpocalypse 2010

We are in the middle of an unprecedented series of blizzards here in Philadelphia. We had two feet of snow over the weekend and another set of blizzards last night and all day today is dumping another two feet or so.

I took some photos. My favorites are below but you can see all of them on my facebook profile

These are all from around my house

Window shot

Front of our house this morning

Street view

Front yard

Trees and powerlines

Honu floats off; plus features!

Thank you to the RB member who bought a card of The Garden of Honu recently. Despite the blizzard conditions in my city at present, this warmed up my day.

Some of you may remember me talking about a juried art show that I wanted to enter but was undecided which artworks to submit to the jury. I ended up picking five works and The Garden of Honu was one of them. Other artworks include Aegipan , Bird’s Eye View , Icon IV: The Fruit Bat , and Melusine


Also thank you to the Pagan Ways": group for featuring Three Ravens

Three Ravens is currently on exhibit at Three Ravens Gallery , along with ten other artworks, and I am having an opening reception there THIS FRIDAY from 4 to 9 PM.

Three Ravens Youtube Video

Three Ravens Gallery, who are currently representing me, recently uploaded this youtube video of three of the featured artists at their upcoming reception on Friday, Feb. 12. I’ll be on one of these artists and currently have nine artworks in the gallery. You can see a few of them in this video, as well as work from the other artists on display.

Check it out

Visit the Three Ravens Gallery website here

The Red Masque

For those of you who might be curious, my band The Red Masque will be the featured artist on an internet radio program THIS FRIDAY, Jan. 29th at Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Our new live album, Stars Fall On Me, as well as music spanning our entire career since 2001, will be highlighted on DJ Joe Mallon’s Shadow & Light program. To tune in, visit and select the LISTEN link on the left of the webpage. You can listen in from anywhere in the world.

For more information about The Red Masque, check

Queen of Hearts Reigns Supreme (top 10 challenge win) plus need Advice

HI All
I’ve been VERY bad about keeping up with my features lately, but I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to the TUESDAY AFTERNOON group’s “HEARTS, HEARTS, HEARTS” challenge for my top 10 win. My artwork Queen of Hearts stole hearts (or at least votes) to come in at No. 1. The Queen is appeased for now, and nobody shall lose their heads for the time being…. ;)

Also, as a reminder, for anybody who lives near Philadelphia, PA, I have an art event this Sunday from 1 to 4 PM. I am currently the featured artist at a local yoga studio who donated their wall space for about 19 or 20 of my artworks until early March. This Sunday, I’ll be at the s…

The Serpent Tree is snaking away! Plus I need Title Suggestions

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who purchased four of my Serpent Tree tees today! The Serpent Tree was a featured T on redbubble earlier this month and it’s been a popular seller this month as a result. Thank you RB!

Also I need a little help. I am working on a new artwork that features an art deco style woodpecker. I can’t think of an interesting title for the piece beyond “the Woodpecker” or “Art Deco Woodpecker”. Yawn. So, if anybody has any ideas, please post them here. I should be finishing up later tonight or tomorrow……

January Art Events, RB Sale, and New Etsy Listings

January Art News and Events

New Facebook “fan” page.
Become my fan on facebook. Click here!

New Gallery Exhibition

I am now exhibiting four artworks, including two brand new creations, at Three Ravens Gallery in Ardmore, PA. Works include Three Ravens , created especially for the gallery, The Serpent Tree , The Adversaries and The Sea Dragon . All artwork is for sale. Please contact for purchasing information.

124 Sibley Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003
ph. 360.708.4210 or 610.304.6225

Gallery Hours-
11am to 5pm Thurs-Sat
and by appointment

Solo Art Show and In-Studio Appearance, January 24

I am currently the featured artist at the SANKHYA Yoga School and Wellness Center in Philadelphia through March 4. On January 24, t…

Thanks for the Sale and Features

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who recently purchased my Serpent Tree Tee . The Serpent Tree artwork has also been getting a lot of features lately and I apologize for not thanking all the groups personally for the kudos. But you know who you are I do appreciate the features.

The original Serpent Tree, along with Three Ravens , The Adversaries and The Sea Dragon are now on display / sale at a new gallery in Pennsylvania. Details below. Stop by if you are in the area and check them out in person…..

Three Ravens Gallery
124 Sibley Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003

35 Things About Me

I saw a bunch of my RB friends are doing the “50 Things About Me” post and it seemed like fun so I thought I’d give it a go. I know the 50 things is supposed to tie in with being 50 years old, and I am not 50 yet so I am going to go with 35 Things since I am 35 ;)

1. I am the lead vocalist in a band (The Red Masque, ). We’ve been playing around, more or less, since 2001 and are on a small, avant garde label out of Colorado. We have albums on iTunes, eMusic, and other online retailers, as well as on our label at Here is a video of us playing at a show last year
2. I am married to my bass player, who I met, in a previous band, when he auditioned. I was dating another bass player at the time (in a different band).
3. I do…

Ravens, Dragons and Serpent Trees, Oh My!

Just a quick note to thank the two anonymous buyers who recently purchased three of my T-shirts:

The Serpent Tree Tee

Dragons Tee


Three Ravens Tee

Also, for those of you who saw my Flight of Honu artwork yesterday, I have since reworked it and will be reuploading a new version of it sometime today. A little RB gremlin emailed me with some advice on what could make the artwork better, and, as I thought something was a bit missing myself, I took his advice and am pleased with the new result. :)

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait