Behind-the-Scenes with Works-In-Progress

For those who are curious about such things, I’ve started taking pictures of my artworks as they are in progress, so one can see the stages of development.…

First up is “Ursa”, a mixed media piece measuring 11 × 15 inches.

First to the drawing board (literally) for a preparatory sketch:

Then I start to make the initial colorization. I generally start with the face first:

Harley Cat is apparently appalled at the direction this new artwork is taking. Or he’s just very tired.

Final stages:

Scan of the final image:

Next up is my latest piece, “Three Ravens”, which measures 25 × 19 inches.

The initial sketch with the first bird colorized and all the “halos” painted in with gold acrylics:

I used blue pastel paper to make the color on the ravens “pop” more:

Another raven comes to life:

Whoo! Homepage Feature! Plus Tshirt Sale! Plus Greetings from a Snowed in Philadelphian

Well I am snowed in here in Philadelphia (we had a huge blizzard yesterday and I have yet to dig out my car out of over a foot of snow) so it was a pleasant surprise for my Koi Tee get featured on the Redbubble homepage today.…

Thanks very much to Original Sin who chose the page today!

Also, a big thank you on Friday to the RB member who purchased my Celtic Lion Tee

Also I unloaded some photos from my camera that documents some of my work in progress and I should hopefully get a chance to put them up here today for anybody who is interested in seeing some of the stages of my artworks. I have WIP photos of both “Ursa” and “Three Ravens” as well as the start of a new artwork called “The Serpent Tree”…

Also Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah or just have a nice and pleasant

A Whale of a Sale, plus the Magic of Redbubble

First of all, a big thanks to the Same RB member who bought my Ganesha and Mosquito tees the past couple of days, for purchasing my Blue Whale tee today. I am quite honored and hope legions of my tee shirts descend upon Australia and take over. My evil diabolical plan has now been unleashed :D…

Also a big thank you to RB member SOPHIE SHAPIRO , who contacted me privately to let me know about a new gallery she was in that was looking for more artists and she though since I lived in the area I should give it a try. Turns out the new gallery is 20 min. from my house and I met with the nice folks who run it yesterday and before I left I had two pieces (that I brought to show only) left there for hanging. Those two pieces are The Adversaries and The Sea Dragon – two of my most favorite pieces


Hey all
Just wanted to say sorry if I have been a bit quiet this week as I’ve been very busy with some design projects as well as some holiday arts shows (I have a total of THREE arts shows going on in December plus one reception and FOUR holiday arts and crafts fairs that I am vending at. Obviously I am insane lol).…

Here are the ongoing and upcoming shows if you live in the area and want to check them out:


WEDNESDAY December 9 and December 16 | Holiday Arts & Crafts Show, High Point Cafe at Allen’s Lane Train Station, 7210 Cresheim Road, Phila., PA. 5 to 8 PM.

FRIDAY December 11 and December 18| Holiday Arts & Crafts Show, High Point Cafe at Carpenter Lane, 602 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia, PA. 5 to 8 PM.

Sunday, December 13 | Artist Reception and Happy Hour at Triumph Brewing

Birds of a Feather

I am sure some of you all have seen this by now but for those who haven’t seen it yet, check out Moonspiral (aka Tammy)‘s portrait of me for the "Bubbler’s Portrait challenge":

As I’ve confessed before I can’t do portraits very well, so I am very impressed by how spot-on this portrait is. Even more importantly, I think the portrait feels like me and not just looks like me (obviously my hair doesn’t go into spirals like that, and I don’t have a pet raven (I wish!) BUT psychologically I think this feels like me). I’ve had other artist’s draw portraits of me before but I always felt like I was looking at someone else on the paper afterwards. This portrait is kind of creeping me out but in a goo

Leaping Lemurs!

Whoo! Thanks to the anonymous buyer who purchased my Lovely Lemur tee in navy a short while ago… I hope you enjoy~

The other good news is that this particular artwork (the original) I had thought was lost but recently found it BEHIND another artwork in a frame when I was re-framing the other artwork (the glass had gotten broken). Not sure how that happened! Well, I am guessing it involved me being very absent-minded while putting together work for a show. lol.

Features and Thanks

Thanks to PAINTED ANIMALS for featuring The Elephant in the Room recently

Also thank you to FIRST THINGS for featuring Gaia


Also don’t forget about my CYBER MONDAY sale going on for the next 24 hours (or until about 11 am tomorrow – USA EST). RIGHT NOW I have special prices and items for artwork and prints on sale on ebay. CLICK HERE

Also my CURIOUS CREATURES CALENDAR is now listed at a discounted sales price until tomorrow morning.

Cyber Monday Sale! Limited Time Offer

Hello all
Just a quick to let you know that for 24 hours, starting at 7 AM Monday through 7AM Tuesday, I am having a big sale on eBay with both original art, ACEO art cards and prints. Please check out my listings here starting 7 AM USA Eastern Standard Time

For those of you not familiar with ACEOs, they are collectible art cards the same size as a standard baseball trading card. They are an affordable way for art lovers to collect works by their favorite artists. For Cyber Monday I’ve made some original ACEOs for sale as well as prints of some of my popular art series, including my Wonderland and Icon series of artworks.

Some examples below:

Blue Lily

Red Lily

Blue Geisha

Moon Bear

The Black Horse

Dragon Knot

The Red Cat

All in all I made about nine of these ACEOs this month and hope to

The Elephant Steps OUT of the Room, and the Celtic Lion Stalks Off

Just wanted to say thank you to the anonymous buyer who purchased my Celtic Lion tee yesterday . I hope you enjoy. My dad has one of these tees in navy and I can attest that it looks very well in person.…

Also, I would like to thank RB member Martina Fagan for purchasing a matted print of The Elephant in the Room

I’ve also been making sales on ebay this week of various prints but I wanted to let you know I have some original works up there now, and will be uploading some original ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) for a Cyber Monday 24-hour sale. For those of you unfamiliar with ACEOs, they are highly collectible, trading card sized artworks (they are the same size as a baseball card) – They are an affordable way to collect art from various artists. I do ship internationally as wel

Ebay Sales plus Gaia Feature

Just a quick note to let you know that I have uploaded several original artworks, as well as prints and ACEO cards for sale on Ebay today. You can view the sales here My ebay ID is starsfallonme.


I will also be uploading some more works (mostly ACEOs – original and giclee prints) for quick sale on this coming “Cyber Monday” for those wanting to do some holiday shopping. I have international shipping available.

Also a quick thank you to the Painted Ladies group for featuring GAIA





Stampede at the Menagerie: Curious Creatures Calendar Runs Off

Whoo! Thank you to the anonymous buyer who was the first person to buy one of my new 2010 calendars of Curious Creatures. I hope you enjoy!

Also I just wanted to say I bought a beautiful calendar from the talented Anita Inverarity the other day while doing some Christmas shopping (the calendar is MY present though lol) and I am eagerly awaiting to see it in the mail. Anita put together the images by special request for me. Thank you Anita.

Also if anybody wants a specific 12 images for a calendar for me, please let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige :) Otherwise you can browse all of my calendars here

Creature Feature Features!

Thanks for the following groups for featuring my creatures in the past three days:…

Sekhmet of the Scorching Sun was accepted into All Things Egyptian

A Little Bird Told Me was in the top ten for the Impressionism Cafe’s Portrait of a Woman challenge

Dream and Fantasy Art featured Alice – Down the Rabbit Hole

Icon V – The Magpie was featured in Impressionism Cafe

Lovely Lemur Tee was featured in Fantastic Primitive Art

A big THANK YOU to all

I really appreciate the good news as my external hard drive crashed without warning a little while ago and took about two or three years of art files with it. I have it sent in to a specialist now and if they can the file back, it will be quite $$$. The ironic thing is I had backed up everything else on the drive except for a few folders, and ha

Pictures at An Exhibtion II

Some pictures from my art reception this past Friday at Infusion in Philadelphia.

Yours truly standing in front of the “Queen of Hearts” holding one of my most recent works “Bast of the Rising Sun”

Lord Masque models his best “Mad Hatter”

“Off With Their Heads!”

Too much good news!

What a fabulous weekend this is shaping up to be so far~…

I had my latest art reception last night for my solo show at a local cafe. It went very well as I sold both prints and ACEO art cards, and there are some people inquiring into purchasing the original artwork on display (Minerva or Fairytale might be going to a new home, but we shall see!). Then, while I was at the reception, Lord Masque met with a gallery owner around the corner from the cafe and showed them some of my prints (the sneaky bugger!), and they wanted to meet with me afterward. So I met with them after the reception and showed them some of my originals and now they want to sell some of my artwork at the gallery. Whooo! THEN I ran into an old friend of mine, a former coworker, who has since established a marketing / publ

Birdbrains! My first two ACEO artworks

Hey all,
I have put up for auction my first two attempts at ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals), which are mini works of art the size of a trading card (or 2.5 × 3.5 inches). It was quite a challenge for me to work so small, but the end results are “The Raven King” and “Walking Bird”. I put the set up for auction on Ebay to see if there is any interest. I’ll try making some more shortly and see what else I can come up with.

The Mosquito Buzzes Off (Again!) Plus Other News

Thank YOU to RB member MarieJean who bought my Mosquito Tee last night.…

Also sorry if I have not responded to you in the past few days, I’ve been very busy. I’ll try and catch up with people later today. I have to run out now as the sales on my personal website have been heating up and I need to get to the post office to send out people’s packages.

Also I have been playing around with ACEOs the past couple of days – these are Art Cards Editions and Originals – they are baseball trading card sized pieces of art (or 3.5 × 2.5 inches). They are rather collectible and inexpensive ways for people to get original artwork. However, they are a bit of a challenge due to their small size. I made a couple of pieces last night to try them out and I may upload them here later on.

ALso I have TWO art

Wonderland Art Cards / ACEOs now up for auction on Ebay

Hey all
Just a quick note to let you know I now have up for auction on Ebay a SIX-PACK of ACEO art cards featuring prints of my Alice in Wonderland series. Includes The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts, The March Hare, Alice, The White Rabbit and The Cheshire Cat!

Check out my auction here

International shipping is available

Don’t forget, about my FREE PRINT challenge for the month of November ( see previous journal entry here ) where anyone who buys TWO print items from me before Nov. 30th is automatically entered to win a free signed and matted print from me.

November Sales & Free Print Challenge

For the month of November I am offering a special for my artwork and prints to ANY member of Redbubble.…

If you buy TWO or more prints products (any calendar, print, or T-shirt item, but NOT including cards) any time STARTING NOW and lasting the entire month of November, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE signed and matted giclee art print from me.

Please note: The two purchases can be through Redbubble, or through my online store site at OR my Ebay shops.

  • If you are participating in this free print challenge you MUST email me at or send me an email through Redbubble with your contact information and email address. Once again, this offer does NOT include cards).

I will draw a name randomly from

Playing Catchup on Features

I’ve been busy the past few days so I just wanted to say thank you to the following groups for features:

My latest Bast of the Rising Sun was just featured today in Animal Kingdom THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for Bast’s “femme fatale” sister Sekhmet :)

Meanwhile, another goddess, Minerva and her owl companion, were featured in Only Owls

Icon VII – The Peacock was featured in Cards – Best of your Best

The Stag of Cernunnos was featured in Works on Paper

Envy – The Green Goat became a little less envious when he was featured in Just Kidding – Goats of the World

A big thank you to you all!

New Ebay Sales: ORIGINAL Deer Woman, plus signed prints up for auction

Hello all
In case anybody here is interested, I have put up some new Ebay items for sale today, including my ORIGINAL Deer Woman artwork, as well as matted and signed art prints of Melusine and Fire Horse.

View my Ebay sales here

As always I have Prints and ACEO art card sales on my website as well at

I can also ship internationally if you are interested.

“Deer Woman”


“Fire Horse”

Magpie Tee Flies Off!

Thank you to the buyer who recently purchased my Magpie Tee in red. I hope you enjoy wearing your new tee! This tee design is based off of my artwork Icon V: The Magpie from my animal Icon series. The original Magpie flew the coop earlier this year and now hangs in a therapist’s office in Philadelphia next to a smaller hummingbird artwork of mine.

Also stay tuned, something mysterious and green will be uploaded today!

The Fruit Bat Flies Off

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who recently purchased a framed print of Icon IV: The Fruit Bat

The original fruit bat artwork is going into a solo art show this November, along with the rest of my ICON artwork series (with the exception of my original Icon V: The Magpie, which sold earlier this year).

For more on my upcoming art events, as well as direct artist sales of prints and originals, please visit

Now on Sale: ACEO (Art Cards) and Signed Giclee Prints

Just a quick spamilicious note to let you know that I am now offering signed Giclee (archival) art prints and ACEO Art Cards for sale on my website, direct from me. Matted prints are 30 dollars and a “Six-Pack” of collectible art cards (or ACEOs) costs just 20 dollars. ACEO cards are baseball card sized prints that can be collected and traded just like baseball and other trading cards.

Check it out here

A Day of Sales! Virtual and in Real Life

Whoo! Today is a good day for me. I sold some art prints to some buyers today (while running around town picking up frames and mattes for an upcoming art show AND picking up supplies for my Halloween ball costume – multi-tasking lol), and a new retail location has sold almost half of my initial stock of prints in the week they’ve been on sale there so far.

Also I sold four greeting cards today to a RB member. Thank you very much!

The four greeting cards include:

The Sea Dragon

Icon III: The Rabbit

Icon VII: The Peacock

Water Horse

Happy Dance :)

I need suggestions for Halloween~

So I got invited to a very big Halloween costume ball (the biggest in the city) and the group I am going with are going with a Wizard of OZ theme. To give you an idea, this ball has a very big costume contest and some people spend MONTHS on their costumes for it. (Once for example, I went and a group of people went as different parts of the titanic, which, when they got together assembled into a gigantic ship).…

Anyway, I am not even going to try and compete on that level, but I’d like to not look pathetic either lol. By the time I was invited, all the major characters for the Oz theme were already accounted for (Dorothy, the Witches, The Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, even a Flying Monkey). I was asked if I could be Auntie Em (Yawn). The idea of dressing up as a farm woman from the 30s does no

Laughing Parrots, Pretty Peacocks, Serpentine Sea Dragons, Elegant Elephants, Orange Adversaries - OH MY!

I want to send a big THANK YOU to the following groups for featuring my works within the past 24 hours.…

First of all, THANK YOU to the Fantastic Primitive Art Group and All the Colors of the Rainbow for both featuring ICON VII: THE PEACOCK the latest artwork in my animal ICON series.

Another big THANK YOU to the group 100% for featuring my latest mini artwork The Laughing Parrot completed just last night.

I also like how if you go to the 100% group page right now it looks like there is an owl in the featured art top row looking down at my parrot disapprovingly, while he (the parrot) giggles hysterically at the scantily clad woman to his left. lol. But maybe that’s just me that thinks that

Another THANK YOU to the group Dragon’s Fire for featuring my Sea Dragon as their new group avatar

The Red Horse Runs Away, plus new features

Thank you very much to the anonymous buyer who bought a framed print of The Red Horse a short while ago. I am quite honored that you have chosen my artwork to purchase! This is one of my personal favorite pieces, so good eye! lol.

Also thank you to the WOLVES IN ART group for featuring FENRIR

The original Fenrir was most recently shown at the 2009 Dragon Con juried art show in Atlanta, GA this past September. He is still up for sale, however, and will be going off to another show in November, unless someone contacts me first regarding his purchase.

The White Rabbit was featured in a group I joined earlier today called BUYER’s CLUB . Thank you!

And finally thank you to the ART NOUVEAU AND THE ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT for featuring Fire Horse

Introducing: My Mom plus new features!

For those interested, my mom, Mary Shelley (yes, like the author), is the “Featured Artist” over at Mini Teddy Hugs magazine (a niche magazine for those in the miniature teddy bear market). Check out her interview here: .

Also here is her website that I made for her:

My mom makes collectible miniature “thread crochet” and wool felted/sculpted animals. Some examples below:

In other news, a big THANK YOU to the following groups for featuring my work:

DRAGON’S FIRE fore featuring both FAIRYTALE and my DRAGON’S TEE

And another THANK YOU to the FANTASTIC PRIMITIVE ART GROUP and WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE for featuring my latest artwork Badak Api

Top 10 Win Plus Features

I’ve been super busy this week with various art related happenings so apologies if you have emailed or commented to me and I have not responded yet.…

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to the following groups for featuring my artwork this week.

Thank you to the group FABULOUS T’s for picking my DRAGONS TEE as the winner in their BASIC BLACK WITH COLOR challenge

Meanwhile my LOVELY LEMUR TEE was featured in the PATCHWORK




Currently I am working on a red RHINO! so stay tuned….

Also, I have an artist reception and show THIS FRIDAY in Philadelphia. For those of you in the a

Thanks for the Features Plus Upcoming Events

Thank you very much to the following groups for featuring my artwork in the past day or two…

My newest artwork Alice was featured in 100% AND Feminine Intent

UPDATE: Alice was just featured a few moments ago in International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination

The Red Horse was featured in a new group Impressionism Cafe

And The Ascension of Leo was featured in Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement

Also wish me luck as I am meeting with a buyer this afternoon who is thinking of purchasing some of my originals.

Otherwise, if you live near the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, I have some art shows and events coming up. I hope to see some of you there! Info below:

THIS SUNDAY: September 27, 2009 | South of South Street Party and Flea Market, in front of Philly A

Leaping Lemurs!

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who a few moments ago purchased my Lovely Lemur tee in the army brown color. I was coincidentally logged onto RB when the sale came through and gave me a pleasant surprise. I hope you enjoy your Tee!

Sadly, the artwork that the lemur tee design came from is presently missing (might have gotten thrown away during a house cleanse! Hopefully not, but it’s been missing several months now and there are only so many places it could be in a four room apartment!). But I am glad that the artwork lives on in this tee design :) As this is the first lemur tee sale I’ve had, the buyer can be proud to know that as of this moment, they are the ONLY person that will be walking around with this design. So it’s a truly unique tee!

When Art and Music Collide

Some of you know that in addition to being an artist I am also involved in music. Specifically, I have a band called The Red Masque. I am in the midst of organizing a festival with my own band as well as some additional great original acts and I figured I would plug it here in case anybody should find themselves in the Philadelphia, PA area on October 24.…

Festival Website and Info:

  • Please visit this website to download press photos etc or contact Lynnette Shelley ( with any press inquiries.


Featuring Cheer-Accident, The Red Masque, Make A Rising and Fern Knight

October 24, 2009

The Rotunda
University of Pennsylvania, 4014 Walnut Street

Thanks for the Features plus Ebay auctions

I am very excited to announce some new features today :)

Thank you to the following groups for featuring my artwork:



Thank you so much!

And for those who may be interested, I finally got around to putting up some auctions on Ebay. Currently I have two signed giclees up for auction. You can view them here=

I plan on adding some more items as I figure out the best approach for doing Ebay sales, and I may even do an original artwork or two to test the waters.

My ebay name is starsfallonme.


Thanks to the anonymous buyer~

A big grin from me (rim shot) for the Cheshire Cat t-shirt earlier today from the anonymous buyer. Thank you!

Also I am working on something extra special now (hopefully), that should be uploaded perhaps later today, or tomorrow at the latest. Leos and big cat fans everywhere take note!


New items in my Etsy shop available.

I added in some new items in my Etsy shop today. Please take a look here

Included are some signed and matted giclee art prints, as well as a couple of original artwork items. I’ll be periodically changing these items up so please keep my shop bookmarked. As always you can also check out my online store on my personal website at or you can email me at to inquire about original artwork sales.

As some of you know, I also offer web design services, and have a discounted rate for fellow artists. If you are interested, please email me at to hear my rates. Or you can visit my online design portfolio at

New "Curious Creatures" Calendar for 2010 And Other Musings

HI all,
I am just getting back into town from attending Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA, this past weekend, but I checked RB from the laptop and saw that the 2010 calendars are ready! yay!

So I published a new calendar of my artwork . When I get back home I may make a couple more, perhaps focusing on certain groupings or themes.

Also, since I have been out of town I have not been able to respond to comments in a timely manner, but will do so soon. I am also honored while I was gone to have had my arwtork A Little Bird Told Me published on the front page of RB. :D

Thank you~


Hi all
I am starting a little contest this week. A lucky random winner will receive one FREE signed and matted giclee (archival) art print from me mailed to your abode. There will be various prints to choose from. Details below:

Please email me at with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your mailing address
3. Your top three favorite artworks of mine in order of preference (this is just for marketing purposes to help me determine which prints I should bring to art shows etc).

  • Contest Deadline is September 8th.
  • Winner will be notified via email on September 11th.

    The print measures 8 × 10 and is matted to fit a standard sized 11 × 14 inch frame. You can view ALL of my artworks online at

    Thanks and good luck~

  • Feeling DIVINE today. Featured Work and Upcoming Events

    Thank you to the DIVINE FEMININE group for featuring my latest artwork, completed just yesterday, A Little Bird Told Me

    In other news, I started on the preliminary sketches for my March Hare artwork for my Wonderland series last night, so look for a new piece by early next week from me.

    Also THIS SATURDAY, I will be giving an in-store art demonstration at Simply S.O.T.A. (State of the Arts) in New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA, from 1 PM onwards. I’ll be working on the March Hare as well as selling matted and signed giclee prints and a few originals. So if you are in the area, please stop by and say hi.

    A few days later I pack up my rental car and head south to Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA (a 16 hour drive for me!), one of the largest fantasy / sci-fi conventions in the world (attendance is estim

    Featured Artwork: The Return of the White Rabbit

    Thank you to the group ART AND STORIES MADE FOR CHILDREN for featuring my latest artwork The White Rabbit, part of my new WONDERLAND artwork series (next up will be the March Hare, which I plan on starting within the next couple of days).

    “The White Rabbit” was also featured in INSIDE SOLO MAGAZINE, Vol. 6


    Moving on from rabbits to dragons, an older artwork of mine, Red Dragon No. 3 was featured in FINKS OF INKS and DRAGON’S FIRE


    After I finish up a couple of projects I am working on, I play on working on a new dragon artwork, so stay tuned.

    Home Page Feature! Plus more mini features....

    Wow. Woke up today and logged onto Redbubble and saw that my latest artwork “the White Rabbit” was featured on the homepage!! Whooo! Thank you!

    Also I’ve been very busy this week with getting 30 plus paintings and over 80 prints ready for a long drive to a large art show coming up, as well as working on some new website designs for some of my clients in my freelance business, so I’ve been lax in being up-to-date in thanking the various groups that featured my artwork this past week. So without further ado:

    Thank you to the following RB groups:

    Melusine II was featured in WITCHES, WIZARDS AND WARLOCKS

    ICON I: The Ram was featured in JUST KIDDING: GOATS OF THE WORLD

    And finally my original Melusine was featured in COLOR ME A RAINBOW (featured color BLUE)

    More Features! Revamped Website!

    HI all,
    Just a quick note to let you know I revamped my personal website at yesterday. I scrapped the store section and rebuilt it and am now offering signed and matted giclee (archival) art prints direct through my site (and printed by my fabulous printer Jeliza, also a member of Redbubble!) of select artworks for 35 dollars.…

    You can view the new store here:

    I also revamped the navigation system, so you can now access all of my artworks more easily, including my two artwork series, ICON and WONDERLAND.

    If anybody visits the site and notices any glitches, please let me know as I am still testing it out….

    I am also heading down to a new retail store tomorrow (in New Hope, PA), which will be offering my signed art prints fo

    Four New Featured Artworks~

    I celebrated my birthday this past Sunday, so it was a lovely surprise to have four features in the past couple of days.

    So thank you to the following:

    My Cheshire Cat , from my new Wonderland series, was featured in Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement today:

    Red Horse was featured in Animal Composites and Fine Art group

    Bengal Tiger was featured in the Tiger Tiger group

    And finally Red Dragon No. 4 was featured in Dragon’s Fire

    On a side note. “Red Dragon No. 4” was recently in a house fire but escaped unharmed. His new owner’s house caught fire after being hit by lightning but luckily the dragon, as well as the human and animal inhabitants of the house are all OK, though the house did have extensive water damage from the fire trucks.


    TONIGHT! First Friday Arts Fair
    Main Street in Doylestown, PA
    August 7, 2009 | First Friday Arts Fair on Main Street in Doylestown. Sidewalk Art Sale in front of Main St. Baptist Church at 57 S. Main Street, Doylestown, PA. 6-9:30 PM. I will be selling signed archival (giclee) art prints of some of my artwork as well as featuring a couple of originals. Free Cookies. BYO milk ;)

    Time: 6:00PM Friday to 9:30 PM, August 7th
    Location:in front of (on sidewalk) Main Street Baptist Church

    Golden Gecko

    As I wrote previously, I currently have an art piece entitled “Golden Gecko” on exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, along with 75 other artists’ works. The Academy had professional and amateur artists decorate gecko “blanks” in conjunction with their current live gecko exhibit. You can now view ALL the geckos submitted online here:

    Mine is no. 4 “Golden Gecko” on gallery 1. I got to see all of these geckos in person and was blown away by some of the submissions. If you are in the area, please check it out.


    Sale, Featured Art, and August Art Events

    Thank you to the anonymous buyer who purchased my Bat Tee earlier today. I hope you enjoy :)…

    Also a big thank you to DRAGON’S FIRE for featuring The Feathered Serpent

    Another big thank you to THE DIVINE FEMININE group for featuring Minerva

    Also, more locally, my artwork Icon III: The Rabbit was accepted into a group juried art show for August. I had also submitted Icon IV: The Fruit Bat for the same show, but, unfortunately, it got rejected due to the fact the judges did not like the framing (note to self: DO NOT buy front-loading frames ever again ;) ) Either way, it’s an honor as there were were a couple hundred entries and only 25 artists were selected for the show.

    The opening reception is Friday August 14th from 5:00-9:00 pm at Tyme Gallery (see

    Other local a

    Fruit Bats, Geckos, and T-Rexes, Oh My

    Just got back from dropping off two artworks for a new juried art show in August. I was told the gallery is expecting over 300 entries for the show, so wish me luck in getting accepted. I’ll find out on Tuesday next week if I pass jury selection.…

    I dropped off the following artworks for the show:

    Icon IV: The Fruit Bat

    Icon III: The Rabbit

    Also TONIGHT is the artist reception for “Art of the Gecko” at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). The Academy is currently hosting a live gecko exhibit, and asked area artists to decorate a blank gecko sculpture for display at the museum. I will be showing “Golden Gecko”.

    In addition, I contacted the museum about showing some of my original artwork (as well as signed and matted archival art prints) in the museum gift

    Featured Art and Top 10

    Thank you to the group Traditional Equine Art: Horses, Ponies and Unicorns for featuring my artwork Fire Horse as well as a big thank you to Feminine Intent for featuring my latest artwork Minerva .

    Butterfly II was also featured recently in the Painted Nature group. Thank you.

    Mosquito Tee is currently in the featured T-shirt art on RedBubble.

    And finally, The Ring of the Raven King was a top 10 artwork contender at the All Things Black group challenge for a new black avatar.

    Gecko T-Shirt Sale and Featured Artwork

    It’s always nice to wake up, log in to Redbubble and see you made another sale, as well as had some featured artwork. Today is starting off well for me so far and I haven’t even had my coffee yet :)

    Thank you to the anonymous buyer who purchased a Gecko Tshirt from me.

    The Ring of the Raven King was featured in the group All Things Black. I just joined this group yesterday and am honored to be among some of its fine artists. Thank you!

    Sale and Featured Art

    Thank you to the RB member who purchased a card of my “Melusine” earlier today. Hope you enjoy.…

    Also, I want to say thanks to the following groups for featuring my artwork in the past couple of weeks.

    “Pendragon” was featured in Practicing the Dark Arts

    Dragon’s Fire recently featured SIX of my dragon artworks, including “Sea Dragon”, “The Adversaries”, “The Knot”, “Ouroboros II”, “Ouroboros” and “Red Dragon No. 2”

    “The Sea Dragon”

    “The Adversaries”

    “Falling Leaves” was featured in The Divine Feminine

    Icon IV: The Magpie was featured in The Patchwork

    Friends of Red Bubble recently featured “The Knot”

    “Waterhorse” was featured in Dimensions

    Works on Paper and Fine Arts both featured one of my personal favorite images, “Icon IV: The Fruit Bat”

    I think that is it. I’ll try and be mor

    July Art Shows - Come see me!

    For those of you who may live in or near Philadelphia, PA, USA, I have a couple of upcoming art shows this month.

    July 12-29, 2009
    Manayunk Art Center’s Great Juried Art Show 2009, 419 Green Lane (rear), Philadelphia PA 19128. Opening reception is July 12, noon to 3 PM.

    July 24-September 7, 2009
    “Art of the Gecko” Art Show and Sale, Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA. Gecko art show runs in conjunction with the Academy’s live gecko exhibit. Opening night reception and sale is July 24, 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

    For more information, please visit my website at

    Art Vote: Pick the painting!

    I have a group show coming up in July at a small art gallery. I can only bring two works. I have a very large show coming up in September that will have over 30 works, so I don’t want to bring any of those works to this show, but I have a bunch left that I am trying to decide on what to bring.

    So, since you all are unbiased, pick which two that, were you going to see in person at an art show, you would want to see…..

    A) The Whale

    Measurements: 19 × 25″

    B) Icon III: The Rabbit

    Measurements: 11 × 15″

    C) The Monkey

    Measurements 8.5 × 11″

    D) Red Fox, Gold Birds

    Measurements 11 × 15″

    E) choose a different artwork from my gallery (assuming it’s not going to my other show or already sold)

    I also have to keep in mind factors like price (large artworks vs. small artworks etc)

    Art of the Gecko

    Just a bit of news on my end:…

    I will be featuring some gecko artwork at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, USA from July 25 through September 7, 2009. The Gecko art show runs in conjunction with the Academy’s live gecko exhibit (see Opening night reception and sale is July 24, 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

    This art show came about when the Academy put out a call for local artists to take 12" “blank” resin gecko sculptures and decorate them in whatever manner they wanted. I painted my gecko gold and then embellished with paper and foil cutouts, which I then coated with some layers of Modge Podge (a type of sealer) to keep in place.

    Having not worked with any sculptures before, it was a bit of a challenge for me to work in 3D. I have some mor

    Thank You: Featured Artworks

    Just a quick thank you notes to all the groups that have included my artworks as “Featured Art” in the past 14 days:

    “Two Dogs” was featured in Works On Paper

    “Ouroboros” was featured in Dragon’s Fire

    “The Mandrill” was featured in Primate Art

    “Curiosity and the Cat” was featured in Paws N Claws

    “The Adversaries” AND “The Blue Heron” were both featured in Fantastic Primitive Art

    “Blue Whale” was featured in the groups Dolphins and Whales AND Works on Paper

    “Icon II: The Panther” was featured in the groups Unconventional Artistry AND All the Colors of the Rainbow

    “The Knot” was featured in Dragon’s Fire

    “Melusine II” was featured in the Fine Arts Group

    “Icon I: The Ram” was featured in Unconventional Artistry



    Sometimes I’m asked how I create an artwork so I thought I’d post some pictures of the various steps involved in making a particular piece. In this case, I have some chronological photos taken of my artwork The Puma.<p>…

    Here is a picture of the final artwork for reference:

    The Puma

    Materials used: oil pastels, colored pencils, art pens, paint pens, watercolor paper, exacto knife

    Sketch is pencilled in, then inked. Gold background is painted in.

    Face is colored in with various layers. I use a somewhat cubist approach on this puma’s face, and an exacto knife is used to add crosshatching texture to the oil pastels.

    Next I add in some of the patterns using an art pen. P

    Vote for my next Icon

    I recently started a new artwork series called ICON, in which I take ideas from religious iconography (in particular the very stylized portraiture), and the art nouveau movement and mix it with my love of animal artwork, abstraction and stylized imagery.

    My first two ICON portraits were depictions of a RAM (Icon I) and a PANTHER (ICON II). Before I start on ICON III I figured I’d see what creatures people would like to see.

    Some ideas I’m floating around include:

    A) Fox
    B) Magpie
    C) Rabbit
    D) some sort of primate (monkey or ape or lemur)
    E) a badger

    Let me know what you think by casting your vote below or sending in your own suggestions.

    To view the other two artworks in my series, please visit: or find them in my gallery posted here.


    desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
    desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait