Commissioned Artworks Information

I have been busy working on commissioned artworks lately, and thought I’d post some info here for those of you who might be interested:

I am available to create original commissioned artworks for you at a fee of $2 a square inch. (8 × 10″ = $160; 11 × 14= $308 etc.) These are for full color artworks; though if you would prefer a black and white ink piece, I can do that at a reduced cost.

For commissioned artworks I ask for a deposit of half up front, and half when the work is complete. After discussing what you are looking for in detail, I can show you an initial rough sketch for your approval. Moving forward, we can discuss any color preferences etc. I can ship the final artwork worldwide (we can calculate different shipping options before work begins). Additionally, if you would like the work framed, that can be included for additional cost plus shipping. Artworks are created using mixed media on acid-free fine art papers.

At this time I do not do portraits of specific people but can do different subject matters. Popular themes include mythology, fantasy art, dragons, animals, mermaids, tarot, zodiac, goddesses, pets, literary and nature subjects. I can also take existing artworks of mine and make larger or smaller versions or in a different color scheme.

Some examples of themes:


Hippocamp II (a commissioned work I created which is a larger version of an older artwork of mine)


The Union (ideal animal symbolism portraying love and friendship)

The Harbinger Birds (symbolism of yin yang, energy and reflection, passion and peace)


The Empress (A portrait of the Empress Card from the tarot deck)





Aegipan (a portrait of the Sea Goat, or Capricorn)


Garden II (a commissioned piece with a garden theme)

The Banyan Tree


Sadie (stylized portrait of a pet dog)


Three Ravens

Three Wily Salmon

Literary Subjects:

The Dark Salt Sea (Moby Dick)

White Rabbit

For a full look at my gallery of artwork for ideas, please visit

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