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WIP - The Empress - Part Two - FINISHED

This is the second part in a two part journal entry chronicling the work in progress of my artwork THE EMPRESS. To read the first part, click here

I am creating The Empress for a new group called the Redbubble Tarot group, in which each artist creates one artwork for a uniquely illustrated tarot deck. My card is The Empress, the third card in the major arcana of the tarot.

I finished the artwork last night and scanned in the artwork today so I’ll be uploading the final artwork file to Redbubble soon. In the meantime, here are some photographs of the different stages in coloring in the work. If you read my first journal entry , you’ll get a behind the scenes glimpse at the sketch and line work.

First thing I did was to apply the liquid gold leaf with a paintbrush, and then I started work on the face. Tthe Empress is often depicted as a blonde, and although I was initially going to give her red hair, I decided to give her white hair to signify her pure spirit. I used a combination of oil pastels and colored pencil on her features.

Next I added color to the stylized waterfall behind and to the front of the Empress

Now for the dress: I used a base layer of marker and then overlaid oil pastels on top of this to give the color a richer feel. On top of this I used a paintbrush to apply the gold leaf to give a patterned brocade feel.

The rest of the coloring process quickly follows:

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