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As Twilight meets Sunset by Lyndy Colour of face by Lyndy Pure Snowfall by Lyndy The other side of the Needles!  by Lyndy Purple wall Flowers by Lyndy  He Loves me Not by Lyndy Stars in Your Eyes, Life in your Face by Lyndy Redhead Rising by Lyndy Just hands and a beautiful red dress by Lyndy Fly Away Dreams by Lyndy Sunset over Gosport from Portsmouth by Lyndy Yellow Docs and Blue Jeans (magic moment) by Lyndy Alienated by Lyndy Everything is Eventual and Centered by Lyndy Thirsty Enticement by Lyndy Hey, does my fringe look good? by Lyndy I AM STRONG.....  (Self Portrait) by Lyndy A Touch of Gold by Lyndy Blue Sunset by Lyndy Dreaming of faries by Lyndy Dream Tree by Lyndy Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil...... by Lyndy I'm Faithful by Lyndy The Last Light by Lyndy Not such a pretty Flower on the Face of things by Lyndy Fairy Feathers by Lyndy Red Sky at Night by Lyndy Be mine or No-ones by Lyndy Smokin' on that cigarette by Lyndy Lovers Sunset by Lyndy Fire in the Brain! by Lyndy Watching the Horizon by Lyndy Stones taught me to fly by Lyndy Oh how we laughed when we were young! My beautiful friend, we are still laughing / as our shoes get lower, and clothing more flowing / with more wrinkles and lines / Giving away… Violet Hush by Lyndy Smiley Baby Blue Eyes by Lyndy Stuff Your Grammer! the way you judge a person by there spellin / the person is so much more compellin / So, even as a wordsmith / Stuff your *Grammer Red Lunar Night by Lyndy I have not died so far…………… A mans eye in the shadows / sees and believes in me / no agenda abound, he is above ground / I have not died so far………… No doubt you are sleeping now ……̷… “Love will come to me / whilst you sleep so comfortably” Divine Intervention by Lyndy Permanently on the edge of meltdown Palpitations pumping blood / into veins too small to sustain the explosion / total implosion of self is occurring / permanently on the edge… Kerry's Sign by Lyndy  Face and outside Grace by Lyndy The Ironing Board by Lyndy COS I’M ALL WOMAN I aint no lady / I aint no girlie / I aint no baby / Cos I’m all Woman Our Today and Tomorrow by Lyndy The Tide Machine by Lyndy Fragile Heart  Spilling and Giving by Lyndy Stuck between the Munsters , The Adams Family and… Stuck in the middle with you……. havent got a clue what to do / I see you on my right and left………… feel … The Power Of Sisterhood by Lyndy Have you ever felt the cold my dear Have you ever felt the cold my dear / when the light goes from your eyes / Have you ever felt the chill of fear / when your heart turns int… Paleokastritsa by Lyndy Shirley Valentine meets Reginald Perrin! by Lyndy Sleeping Beauty You graced this world for but a moment / And kissed the earth Broken dreams by Lyndy OOps I'm Stuffed! by Lyndy Escape by Lyndy I Made a New Years Resolution That I would not Cry by Lyndy Tulips steal the winter by Lyndy I Know Who I am I Know who I am / I am me / And I wouldn’t be / Anyone else / Me is my Identity The Hollow in my Wall Into the hollow in my wall you come / And I succomb SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING ANGRY Join my Army I am Not Human / Or the same / Join My Army / Be Humane Coloured sand cliffs of Alum Bay Isle of Wight by Lyndy Outer Green Dream by Lyndy Light searching Light by Lyndy Shadow of Rose by Lyndy Flame melts the heart by Lyndy numbness our friend numb thy bleeding heart / should sleep occur tonight / lest nightmares be / kept at bay / may / numbness be a friend / today Lost Innocence Kept in the Dark by Lyndy True Love I would cry / And cease to exist / The earth I will have kissed / …….and said / ……………..Goodbye Hate........ an OED definition by Lyndy Monday is washing day by Lyndy Be seated Be seated / knowing yourself / as an entirety / just be / watch and learn / and you will see Volcanic Sunset by Lyndy Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? by Lyndy The Real Halloween by Lyndy Nine years ago…..No one is Listening Yet / Now / I feel I can scream some more / Because I now know…………….. / That / ………. No one… Clawing Reverie by Lyndy Flowers inside St Boniface by Lyndy
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