Ryde, United Kingdom

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Recent Pain

numbness our friend

numb thy bleeding heart / should sleep occur tonight / lest nightmares be / kept at bay / may / numbness be a friend / today

“Save the Judgement for yourself”

“I am just me heartache in tow / what the hell do you think you know / save the judgement for youself”

I was bestook

hole goes right through the floor / to the bottom of a pit / that does not exist

My Swollen Feet

My swollen feet tell a story so long and unheard / absurd / as it is my life / results in my swollen feet

That day in July

now planted deep within my brain / and upon my heart / like a tattoo / never to be removed
A Touch of Gold by Lyndy

Like a battered bird… Grounded

Like a battered bird … grounded / no more could he sing / chirpy in the morning

Full to Empty Thin

No more nothing / dead / alive and breathing / dead skin / thin

How on earth……………&#…

You have another living child who needs you / And whilst you crumble and die inside / You still hear the cries of your surviving child̷…

Just a Commodity

She was just a commodity / sitting on his angry knee

Eight Years and 8 hours Later

Its eight years and 8 hours since I lost you / Its 8 minutes, 8 seconds in my world

Brief gratificaion……….. non sat…

They said believe it…. believe it! / And for a brief moment she did

The Hollow in my Wall

Into the hollow in my wall you come / And I succomb


My itch it will return / Your scratching forever burns
Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil... Disintigrating by Lyndy Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil...... by Lyndy Lost Innocence Kept in the Dark by Lyndy Severed Hands by Lyndy No Right Turn by Lyndy

She loved the rain……….

The child that went away / sent the rain to explain / what we need to do, again and again

My broken foot

It hurts it hurts it hurts / Yet never to dance with you again / Out weighs this physical symptom / It hurts it hurts it hurts