Ryde, United Kingdom

Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...

Recent Hope

Be seated

Be seated / knowing yourself / as an entirety / just be / watch and learn / and you will see

Looking the other way………..

you were searching…… / for the thing / before your eyes / whilst you were / looking the other other way………&#…

Tis’ that time of year again….

Tis’ that time of year again…. / when all the lonely feel such pain / reminders everywhere they go / of people that they used t…

“stay beautiful” (in the shower)

The goddam words / that just need to be sung / in the shower, or with hairdryer / outlet of me has begun

The Unfixable

I say can you / love a broken soul, and / endeavour to make it whole / can you fix it?

The utmost aspiration ( R.I.P. )

I aspire / to be like you / sweet child of mine

Hold On…………

Do you always feel so afraid / whilst sleeping and awake.

This Time

They will hear / the echoes from / your heart / And the sobbing / at my door / No no no’one

Bouquet Horribilis

fragrance was dying by the moment / a stench began to fill the room / as time elapsed

The man in the street

So wrapped in our own destination / of a complicated life / It’s not easy / oh no………… / Let’s never for…

After 12

the word NO came from mouth and lips / with her hands on hips / previously subservient / a human being had already been formed / not a chi…
The Only Way Is Up (baby) by Lyndy

I have not died so far……………

A mans eye in the shadows / sees and believes in me / no agenda abound, he is above ground / I have not died so far…………
Goodnight sweet day...til morn by Lyndy Sign of the Times ..... (read) by Lyndy

Just The Bare Bones Exposed

Flighty fanciful moments occur / on the spur / of a whim / Long whispered

Sweet Rose and Thorn

her manicured thorns keep her alive in the outside world / Whilst / …………the blood in her heart / ……R…
I Made a New Years Resolution That I would not Cry by Lyndy


…….while / life gets in the way / I will do my best to / ……………………………
Dandelion Firework by Lyndy

The Last Letter

Chapter and verse / the last letter / distant memory away / As I begin again with / the letter / A

Pandora’s Gift

Pandora left / a gift for us / to help all people cope / She left the word / inside her box / and that word is HOPE

Her ability to Eat

Their Destiny / Relies / On your humanity / And / Her ability / To Eat
Shadow Baggage by Lyndy

I hope my soul resonates with you when I am gone

I know I was once / loving you so much / felt every touch / heard every word / saw all the goings on / and loved you all the same
Sex on fire by Lyndy

Encompass her tonight

encompass her tonight so she may live another day / to thankyou for the life you gave her…. another nano second………&…
Whilst We Wait by Lyndy The colours of my Wick by Lyndy

Stamping on my Head

I saw you stamping on my head / whilst I was under water………. drowning
I wish I was a Butterfly by Lyndy Veronica's Finale by Lyndy Beyond the black hole by Lyndy

Eight Years and 8 hours Later

Its eight years and 8 hours since I lost you / Its 8 minutes, 8 seconds in my world
Living til Sundown...... Here in Heaven by Lyndy

Just a moment of fear….. hope is lost

Something is around the corner / I just cant see it / Yet I fear it anyway

The Devil Came and Took My Soul (Hope)

I hold on to old beliefs / Which keep me in this hell hole / The devil came and took my soul

You have One Minute…………&#…

No more love / Is that my minute up?
Festive Road by Lyndy

The Hollow in my Wall

Into the hollow in my wall you come / And I succomb
Sir Francis Drake is all Topsey Turvey In search of Doris by Lyndy Through the Window by Lyndy

And yet so bloody Powerful! (words)

Presidents rely on them / Prime ministers too / Do You?

Dark clouds and a Rainbow Deal

The Yesterday is done and tomorrow is to come

A Wee bit of Faith Goes A long long way

When Night becomes the only thing you feel is in your life
Divine Intervention by Lyndy Shades of Monogomy by Lyndy Guardian of the NON-departed by Lyndy In the Bleak Mid Winter by Lyndy

Time It’s just a matter of Time

Time is just about time / Now / Then / When / Its a matter of time
It was a Pattern of behaviour by Lyndy

Ressurection of Innocence

Your beauty is your very essence / Your beauty is your innocence

Sleeping Beauty

You graced this world for but a moment / And kissed the earth


Throught the brightly coloured sea of flowers, cards and banners, whispering in the warm January air, you could just make out the blackness…
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