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Recent Death

Watching the Moon and fading away Watching the moon and fading away / and saying goodbye / in her own special way me and my bones just me / and my bones / exist Bloody minded and strong! I am strong, til the day I die / and you, yes you / are stuck with me! / Bloody minded and strong! “stay beautiful” (in the shower) The goddam words / that just need to be sung / in the shower, or with hairdryer / outlet of me has begun The utmost aspiration ( R.I.P. ) I aspire / to be like you / sweet child of mine Sept 2nd Years have passed / since I saw your beautiful face / there exist’s nothing that / could replace / your everlasting love. Hold On………… Do you always feel so afraid / whilst sleeping and awake. Until no more tears can be shed……R… Disaster struck one evil day / and took her beloved child away / nothing now will ever be the same / never. The child murderer she was nearer to death / left with only a breath / wrong diagnosis was made / as she displayed / a personality Party for one swivel hips are shown / she is on her own / and…………. / suddenly dancing to a moon shadow. Procrastination is the thief of time Tomorrow never comes / ………………………………..So die undone Tulip Song by Lyndy Angle of Death by Lyndy Full to Empty Thin No more nothing / dead / alive and breathing / dead skin / thin Have you ever felt the cold my dear Have you ever felt the cold my dear / when the light goes from your eyes / Have you ever felt the chill of fear / when your heart turns int… How on earth……………&#… You have another living child who needs you / And whilst you crumble and die inside / You still hear the cries of your surviving child̷… The First Showing........... and then Sigh by Lyndy Survival is it worth it? by Lyndy Which way? by Lyndy For Adam 10/02/2010 Bless you sweet friend of mine, I miss you already Guardian of the NON-departed by Lyndy The Body! …….. SCREAM Screaming Grief….. Death is for the Living Grief is eternal / It is your friend / you fear to let it go