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Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...


Welcome woodie

Hi all, I haven’t been around much of late, but would like to ask you to welcome a dear friend of mine, woodie123, to the lovely bubble. Hoping to be on here more in the not too distant future. Love and hugs for all my rb friends

Lyndy xxx

Factor 5 leiden Mutation

I seriously need help!…

Here is a short history of why.

Nearly 10 years ago my daughter (aged 19 ) died, very suddenly. The autopsy showed a massive blood clot on her lungs, with no explanation as to why????

4 years ago, my son ( aged 23 ) developed a blood clot in his leg; Which recurs if he doesnt take warfarin.

I am getting nowhere in trying to find the reason why both of my children have this connected condition.
Both myself and there dad have had bloods taken, yet I seriously believe it’s a cock up here!

If you lived on the Isle of Wight, you would know how bad the health service is here!

Vent over, the title of this journal, could be a link for me to get to the truth.

If anyone out there in the bubble, particularly from the USA has heard of this, please contact me, I would be forever

A Serious Message To my RB Friends

Thankyou for being you
and you know who you are
Thankyou for your support and caring
and for only making judgements in a real positive way
Thankyou for sometimes turning my thoughts of grey
into a sunny day
For all of this I thank you and some more
because you’re the best people I have never met
Goodness prevails for knowing something of you
thankyou for sharing something of you with me
I know that when I can I will connect with RB
some of you have gone but not within my heart
Others come and go the same as me
Thankyou again to all of you
who have made a difference to me and the way I deal
with life itself in its entirety
Two more words is all I have left to say

“stay beautiful”


I rarely write journals these days, but today I make an exception, because I am chuffed to bits. My image Colour of face is featured on the home page, amongst such stunning art, i’m still scraping myself off the ceiling,

Thanks to all my wonderful friends here, for your constant kindness and encouraging words, I love you all

Lyndy Lou :)))XXXX

You Think you've had a bad day!

I awoke this morning, having had a terrible night of bad dreams. Still feeling tired, I could not connect to the internet, having done all the usual stuff, restart hub, phone to see if my area was having problems, then phoned the helpline. An hour later, the problem was not fixed, I had to be at a friends, so I left the mess, got petrol and drove there. EEk I had forgotten to take the paperwork I needed, the whole bloody reason for going! No matter, we had lunch, and did what we could without the paperwork.…

I was Irked

I returned home, still no internetl, peed off I checked my phone for messages, Mum had called. I Called her back.

My Auntie and cousin had been visiting my parents in Scotland, when the news came.

My Aunties Niece had been driving along the M8, when a drunk driver veered ac

The Redbubble is a mirror of life

The Redbubble is a mirror of life

Full of wonderful, caring, creative human beings

Sadly peppered with

Control freaks
Narcissistic personalities

I have often wondered if I should leave the bubble for these reasons, yet reason itself, tells me no!

Cos, it’s only a reflection of life, wherever you go, if you stay there long enough to see.

So, I say, stay, make a stand, for all of the

wonderful, caring, creative human beings.

I love you REDBUBBLE

It's Official! I am a self confessed cry baby!

The last few weeks have been dominated with Christmas Stress!
Cleaning, cooking, shopping, decorating, wrapping, delivering, catching up with folk, etc etc!

Today……… I took time out, and have watched back to back Christmas movies, from Scooge, to Mrs Miacle, Call me Santa and Annie, miracle on 39th Street, the list goes on!

And yes I have indulged and wept freely at each and every one of them (feeling pretty whacked now)

Such joy in every film
Such hope and love

Worth every second of all that pre Christmas stress!!


Lyndy XXXX

Get a Grip!

Ok, get a grip, so many people are taking redbubble as life or death.

I say get a grip

No offence intended


For fuck sake

get a grip of life itself

Merry Christmas, and more importantly

May the 2011 bring happiness
Make you take a fucking grip!

Mwah……… love………… stuff ought else

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