Ryde, United Kingdom

Writing Dark

Lightening Strike

feelings came back / with a vengence… when / horror struck / over and over again / such terrible pain

Oh girl I miss you so

Lost and gone / our days of youth / yours too short / and mine too long

Oh mama know who I am and cry with me

Oh mama I so wish you knew who I was / then you could cry with me………………..

No poetry, rhyme, prose or verse just … Med…

All self help and empowering straight out of the window / as the beasts walk casually in, through my open door.

After 12

the word NO came from mouth and lips / with her hands on hips / previously subservient / a human being had already been formed / not a chi…

My Swollen Feet

My swollen feet tell a story so long and unheard / absurd / as it is my life / results in my swollen feet

Please when I sigh let it not be heard upon my br…

sighs on breath everytime you speak / fucking irritates me!

That day in July

now planted deep within my brain / and upon my heart / like a tattoo / never to be removed

Nine years ago…..No one is Listening

Yet / Now / I feel I can scream some more / Because I now know…………….. / That / ………. No one…

Permanently on the edge of meltdown

Palpitations pumping blood / into veins too small to sustain the explosion / total implosion of self is occurring / permanently on the edge…

Horror’s truth

sweet dreams last night / turned to the awfulness of today / upon waking / only to know again the truth of horror / it’s ghastlyness…

I see the sadness in your eyes…

I see the sadness in your eyes… / ……………………………………&…


It’s her fault of course say’s he / stupid bitch should scrub the sign away, / and not give him the opportunity

Like a battered bird… Grounded

Like a battered bird … grounded / no more could he sing / chirpy in the morning

Dark Cry

Tell me why / the lights are out / when I shout / out loud

Quiet Insanity

Quietly going insane / Got so much pain / Through the brain

Do I have the right to write about 19

My childs lungs exploded aged just 19

Beware the Groomer

Now he has you, his job is done and he is sated, needs an escape from his grooming duties, yet he under estimated the power of your soul.

The Screaming Field

Scream so loud and scream some more / Til your throat becomes so sore, then scream some more

The Sirens Calling

Deadened by the song of our longing / Is without doubt our undoing

Be my Neighbour

When I cough and spew out spit who is there to hear / And then my heart gives up the ghost and nobody is near / Be my neighbour and take a …
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