This symbol is a very old Yantra, or mystical diagram that is used to tap into Universal Creative power, or Shakti. The dots are a reference to the Indigenous Art of Australia, it’s not trying to be a “dot painting” and if it gives offense I apologise and would say that it is all done with respect for both traditions. I suspect we may have seen this image appear in Indigenous culture had the Indians colonised Australia rather than the British.

Here is a brief back-story:

This great mandala is like the DNA of Kundalini energy. It has come to represent the universal principle of Shakti, the dynamic creative pulse that energises the cosmos.

If you get a great Mantra Yogi or Monk to chant the syllable OM correctly, a Tonoscope will record this pattern!

It is called Sri Chakra, or Sri Yantra. In India there are huge temples built as 3D extrusions of the interlocking triangles. It is also used as a mandala for meditation to access the experience of the universal female principle, Shakti.


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I started screen printing in my Grannie’s shed when I was an Art Student, making posters for my bands the Red Onions and the Loved Ones. Turned my hand to painting, printmaking, graphic art and multimedia over many years. Here are some images and themes that interest me.

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