I have split my focus between art, music, yoga and family. Studied painting under John Brack at NGVSA, played in Red Onions and Loved Ones, clocked up 35 years at yoga, worked as Illustrator, made editions of prints and works on paper and canvas. Too much turbulence to launch a fine art career but now I am painting direct to screen with a stylus and am getting the hang of online printmaking to a world audience.

I am putting up images from several streams of interest to me. There is a ‘fine-art’ stream of images from the environment and inner consciousness, there’s a whimsical stream, as with the smiley gumleaf and the loved ones T shirts and there is a stream of images I have made in the past, on computer, some graphic art and some fine art.

GOT digital media in 1987 when my techno-junkie friend poked an Amiga 500 at me and drew a line. I like the idea of this online printmaking that Red Bubble is helping to pioneer. I have experimented with printmaking on old pc’s, waiting for the print quality to improve over the years and now it’s time, I recon. Affordable, signed limited editions on archival paper using permanent inks is not far off.

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