Hi guys!!

Some of you may know me from deviantART as Lylas … but then again more than likely not … ah well.

I have decided to stretch my wings out and push some of my work out there into the world more so that others may enjoy my work.

I am currently visiting my boyfriend in Germany right now so I don’t have my files to post any of my artwork up for sale right now but you may view some of it in dA if you wish though i haven’t uploaded anything new for a while now, my apologies for that … :(

In Germany until the 22nd of June, doing some sightseeing but not much, working on my art and considering the possibility of staying longer but alas I am undecided on that currently.

I’ll be playing around on this site in an attempt to figure this new place out. Browsing, Commenting, Fav’ing … etc until I can get some work up.


Sarah (aka Lylas)

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