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A little update on my 'travels':)

As many of you might have gathered, I haven’t been around much on the Bubble… I have been around the world though:)

Many things started changing in China (personal, not political) that screamed for a solution. Hence my foray into the world of searching for work (again)… Teaching english doesn’t make you rich in any way, it actually is a good way to end up in the poorhouse.
So, off to Luxembourg I go. Why Luxembourg you ask? Well I grew up there and, naively as it turned out, I thought I’d have a chance of being invited and accepted back into the fold so to speak. Well, it didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, I was greeted with hostility. So, after two months of buerocratic wrangling I went back to China to be together with my wife for our birthdays. 10 days later I was on an Airplane to Seattle (arrived here last week Saturday, 9/24), my last hunting grounds before moving to China. Well, the welcome given to me was really great and I’ve had two job interviews already. The reason for that in this economy is that my speciality is still very sought after. So, this is where I am right now and might stay for a while. As soon as I have a job and am relatively situated my wife will follow.
Expect my photography style to change a bit, though I am convinced I will stay in Street photography:)


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