Rene Fuller

Rene Fuller

Kunming (昆明市), China

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Taking some time off...

… I won’t be online during the next two days, and maybe only intermittingly for about a week after that. Don’t think I’m ignoring you:). I’m off to Luxembourg tomorrow (July 11) to spend what is planned to be several years there. I grew up in Luxembourg, so I’m not jumping into a black hole so to speak, though the hole is a light shade of grey; I haven’t really been to Luxembourg since 1979…


  • Sue Nichol
    Sue Nicholabout 3 years ago

    Have a good trip Rene. When you return the painting will be finished! It would have been except I have been getting the house ready fir the return of my eldest son. He has been in Russia since last September and so much has happened in the family during that time, including the death if my father. He is coming with the girl he has met out there who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. We are very excited, they arrive Wednesday. I will have to finish the painting before then! Hope it all goes well Rene. :)

  • Berns
    Bernsabout 3 years ago

    Travel safely Rene, talk soon !

  • Rene Fuller
    Rene Fullerabout 3 years ago

    Sue, if need be I will go to an internet cafe to follow your WIPs of my painting:)! If I have the time to comment, it will be a very short one… Please do not interpet anything into that; I love the first WIPs I’ve seen already:)!

  • Rene Fuller
    Rene Fullerabout 3 years ago

    Hi Berns, you’ll know when I am in Europe, la patria:)! A little afraid, but very much looking forward to going back! I’ve never been in a country I didn’t speak the language of:( And learning Chinese is not a short term thing…