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Where's Geoffrey?

a quick journal note to my watchlist and interested parties :-)

I’m alive and taking pictures. I have been very busy working on an exciting new field of photography for me … art documentation. I have been working closely with a number of artists to document examples of their work for submission into shows, books and for their own records.

Basically my philosophy is to work with the artist to create images which inspire someone seeing the image to want to see the original artwork. Art from Art essentially.

So far it’s going swimmingly and I now have an enormous mound of potential artworks to use for my own artistic ends. I will begin posting examples soon.

I have been checking in periodically to spy on your beautiful works and to maintain my group ‘Out of the Blue’. My apologies for not leaving anywhere the number of comments you work deserves :-)

Anyways, I promised this would be short … see you round like a rissole.


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