I finished a bachelor of Arts degree in digital art and have been trying to get a job in the game industry. I use red bubble as a place to display the work I’m proud of.
I love my games and I’m also a fan of anime.

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Rex the dog removed

I removed my artwork of rex the dog at the request of the artist who created the character. / I enjoyed the music and liked the dog so I drew my own rex the dog. I didn’t copy it and as far as I’m aware there were no pictures that were exactly the same as mine. / This incredibly disappoints me as it was fanart and I haven’t seen anyone else being hassled. / I thought it would h…
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Virtual PC doctor scam alert!

I recieved a call from “technical support” from microsoft. At least that what the lady told me. Turns out she was from a company called VirtualPCDoctor. She was from India which I found quite odd for a company that’s meant to be situated in the USA. / Anyway, she was leading me to the website www.virtualpcdoctor.com I was already suspicious and asked for her name and extra proof…
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Racist Australia

With all this talk of Australia and Australians being racist, I began thinking. / When they (the media) say “Australians” do they mean all Australians, including the multicultral Aussies? Or are they just talking about Caucasian Australians? / I think they need to be clearer when they discuss this as it’s not just black and white. They cannot just say “is there racism in A…
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Soul bubbles

For anyone living in the land down under, I wanted to make people aware of a game called Soul bubbles. / “http://www.soulbubblesgame.com/” / I only found it at Target and for 30 dollars. But this is a really great game. I would put it in the same league as Okami. / The game play (or game mechanics if you prefer it) is unique and addicting. The controls are easy to pick up. / The art…
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