My work is very much spontaneous and on the spot, influenced by my emotions at a particular moment.

  • Age: 26
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Best Friend Turned Worst Enemy?

So we all have (at least) a friend whom we are extremely close to, right? / Share all your stories and secrets with them / Share all your sadness, miseries and happiness with them / There’s hardly anything you keep from them / You think your secrets are safe because you have put that much trust in them. / But have you even for a moment thought, “What if there came a day or situation where y…
Posted about 5 years – 18 comments

Man Of Your Words

When you say you’re going to do something.. DO IT! / Don’t be someone who talks the talk but never walks the walk / Action speaks LOUDER than words. / I just hate people who say things they don’t even plan to do / If you don’t plan to do it, why bother say you would? / To give hope and get people all excited about something that will never happen, hoping they will just forget …
Posted over 5 years – 6 comments