“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”Vincent Van Gogh
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A large number

Four billion people on this earth, / but my imagination is the way it’s always been: / bad with large numbers. / It is still moved by particularity. / It flits about the darkness like a flashlight beam, / disclosing only random faces, / while the rest go blindly by, / unthought of, unpitied. / Not even a Dante could have stopped that. / So what do you do when you’re not, / even with a…
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Out of the night that covers me, / Black as the pit from pole to pole, / I thank whatever gods may be / For my unconquerable soul. / In the fell clutch of circumstance / I have not winced nor cried aloud. / Under the bludgeonings of chance / My head is bloody, but unbowed. / Beyond this place of wrath and tears / Looms but the Horror of the shade, / And yet the menace of the years / Finds and sha…
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