I’m Italian, and I live HERE love phtos, arts, painters, poems, poetry…Everything is a creative way and…I don’t speak so well English, so, forgive my mistakes…I ‘VE LOVED this website as soon as I’ve spaced on it..It was…love at first sight!…..♥ ♥ ♥




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FEATURED on the HOMEPAGE as at Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 – “Peace and Love” Theme

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FEATURED on the HOMEPAGE as at Sunday, October 31th, 2010 – “The soul of Red Bubble” Theme

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OMG...Featured on the HOME PAGE again!!!...UNBELIEVABLE!!!

….I’m speechless…. / RED BUBBLE!!!…I thank U so much… / DANIELA – Alias Luanda
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TNX everybody 4 all the marvellous comments on my last works – NOT MENTIONING THE FAVS! WoooooooooooW) and on my sold news as well… / I’m going to reply everybody asap… / JUST LOVE ALL OF YOU! / Luv,Daniela
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UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! I've just made a sale on RedBubble!!!

…OMG! / INCREDIBLE!…. / Red Buble just let me know that some shots of mine (right down below) are just been sold as Greetings cards! – You can click on them to see them better - / OMG!…I’m speechless….SUCH A BREATHTAKING NEWS!!! / I JUST WANT TO THANK SO VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART THE MARVELLOUS ANONIMOUS BUYER, who appreciated so much my works! / &#…
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Problems of uploading

Hi everybody! I’m trying uploading a shot of mine but I’m not able doing it ! Something doesn’t work here on RB,and doesn’t let me upload anything! / Is someone else having the same problem? Please, let me know! / TNX in advance! / Luv, / LUANDA /DANIELA
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