Demi dragon

“Marcus, have you logged onto Redbubble yet?, ” Demitri asked while edgily tapping a claw on the nineteen inch HP quartz monitor. It made a ting sound with each tap and he increasingly grew worried,
that Demi was gonna break his computer.

“Back off Demi, he said, your gonna break it and then how are we gonna see who’s winning this contest.”

Marcus grabbed Demi’s claw and lifted it up gently so the impatient dragon didn’t crack or even scratch his baby. He watched as Demi backed away and began pacing back and forth. The dragon grunted each time he turned around to walk the opposite direction. Every grunt was marked with a small burst of sparks and flame followed by the sudden smell of rotten eggs.

“Dude, can you not do that, he asked.?” The irritation coming out followed by a few grunts of his own.

“Do what?” the dragon asked, seemingly perplexed.

“Dragon breath is bad enough but, every time you flare up it stinks up the whole room, something awful.”

“Sorry, said Demi." He exaggerated the r sound in the word for a sarcastic effect. You humans with your delicate senses, every little thing bothers you.” The Dragon snorted at the last thing he said. He loved teasing Marcus about his human frailties.

“Demi, do you want me to check out the Dragon Fire contest on Redbubble or not?” Marcus asked with a small smirk on his lips. The dragon’s claws were to large to use the keyboard and he, was his only way to get online. “I guess there are some advantages to be human after all, huh Demi.“ Marcus asked taking pleasure in returning some of the mocking back to the dragon. The typing on the keyboard ceased while he waited for Demi to concede that humans were just as good as dragons in their own way. “Well Demi, he asked, do you want to try this on your own or not?”

“Fine, fine. Humans have some admirable traits as well,” said Demi waving his hand dismissively. The dragon stated this with a reluctant whine. “So, can we get back to checking out this contest. I want to see who and what’s winning.” Demi grinned in anticipation.
“I bet some awesome poem about how majestic and beautiful we are will win or, maybe some amazing picture showing our grandeur, Demi said starting to giggle.”

“What are you laughing at Demi, he asked?”

“Well Marcus, I like the pictures you humans draw of us, but let’s face it, they mess up on the details and the proportions every time. Although some of the artists on Redbubble get pretty darn close. They had this picture on there I could have sworn was my uncle Fred. Marvelous job they did on that one. He must’ve gotten a peak at him or something.”

Raising his eyebrow and feigning exaggerated patience he asked “Demi, are you done? Here’s the challenge.”

The dragon looked at the computer screen completely entranced. He read the Dragon Fire announcement
and a sneer begin forming around his very large incisors

The Challenge
Dragon art that tells a story. you may have humans in this BUT the DRAGON, not the human, MUST BE THE MAIN FOCUS.
Your dragon art DOES NOT have to include humans for this challenge.

“Hehehe, see Marcus even your own people imply that dragons are your betters. Do you see how humans are excluded from the contest. These people at Dragon Fire seem to have a grasp on just how extremely magnificent we are, Demi said proudly." “Do you think we could enter?” We could take a picture of me and submit it.” He was getting very excited now. “I could pose on the hill outside and spread out my wings. I bet, at the right angle it will look as if I’m in flight.”

Marcus pulled back from the computer, stood up and glared up into Demi’s eyes. “Are you insane? We can’t post and actual picture of a dragon. Hello, your not suppose to exist.”

“Calm down Marcus, we’ll just say we photoshopped it. They will just think we’re very talented. I mean come on who’s gonna believe actual dragons exist and are uploading their pictures onto the internet.”

Marcus shook his head at Demi and looked at him in disbelief. “Demi we can’t. What if someone, anyone thinks it’s real. They, might start hunting you, and for what? To see if you can win a contest on the best dragon art. Dude you‘re nuts he said, in a final exasperated sigh.”

“Will you chillax it’s very simple really,” he said sounding perpetually confident. Annoying Marcus all the more. “All we have to do is doctor the pics after your take them.” He grinned so hard Marcus could count almost every tooth in the dragons head. “And then, he wink ed at the brown haired boy, we aren’t even technically lying.”

A wave of flames shot out of the dragons mouth as he started laughing. “ I bet a small dragon hoard, we could actually win this thing.”

Marcus cut off Demi’s pre celebration. “Dude stop the flaring up in here please, my mom already thinks I’m a fire bug . I don’t want to have to explain to her why the ceiling is charred again.”

“Okay, sorry he said his voice sounding remorseless as ever. He headed toward the patio double door. Looking back over his tucked in wing he said, grab your camera and let’s go. We are about to make internet history and they will never even know it.”

Marcus grabbed his digital camera took a deep breath and followed Demi. He could hear the dragon chuckling evilly as he left the house.

Demi dragon


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it’s a short story about a dragon……..

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