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The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit…..
Two weeks to go and you can tell it is here.
Cars are everywhere and people too,
We’re all looking forward to that Christmas cheer.
Yesterday in the supermarket a car passed
And the driver leaned out and asked
“Where’s the bottleshop dear?”

Of course the cars are zipping around
I should count how many times I’ve been beeped
Or tooted or nearly bumped in the rear.
So what should one do with all this
Unearthly, ungodly Christmas spirit?
Well I had an idea to spread a little
Chrissy love.

You see the car thats backing out?
With six cars that didn’t stop, well
Maybe I could be the one to let him out.
Or that old woman who can hardly walk,
Lets not beat her in the trolly line at the supermarket,
Nope I might be slightly late….but she can have my place.
And there is three trolley’s in line before me but…
The man with only one item behind me, well
He can go first.
And well, I’m sure I won’t yell when a car cuts me off
But say “Bless you, I hope your Christmass is sweet”
And maybe mine won’t have so much stuff,
But my Christmas cheer will last
Forever my dear.

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  • Georgie Hart