Features…August and September have been overwhelmingly exciting months for me and whilst I usually don’t post features, I thought I would as I would like to say thanks to everyone for your wonderful support and enthusiasm for my work. SO here we go….
Lozzar flowers and art Lemon Yellow, Featured in Fablous Flowers
Purple Florals, Art & Collectables
Foxglove Pretty Pink Bells, Backyard macro& Closeups
Lozzar Landscape Its Cold Out There, Top 10 in Melbourne & Country Victoria
Murray River Richness, A Little bit Country
Weekend Camping, Melbourne & Country Vic, Serenity & A Little bit Country
Whipstick Bush In Winter, Australia at Large
Enjoying the Neighbors, Melbourne & Country Vic
Morning Gliding, Your Country’s Best and Where on Earth is this
AUGUST Pink &…


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The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit…..
Two weeks to go and you can tell it is here.
Cars are everywhere and people too,
We’re all looking forward to that Christmas cheer.
Yesterday in the supermarket a car passed
And the driver leaned out and asked
“Where’s the bottleshop dear?”

Of course the cars are zipping around
I should count how many times I’ve been beeped
Or tooted or nearly bumped in the rear.
So what should one do with all this
Unearthly, ungodly Christmas spirit?
Well I had an idea to spread a little
Chrissy love.

You see the car thats backing out?
With six cars that didn’t stop, well
Maybe I could be the one to let him out.
Or that old woman who can hardly walk,
Lets not beat her in the trolly line at the supermarket,
Nope I might be slightly late….but she c…