I love the arts, painting, printmaking,photography, glass painting, writing, singing, flute playing and drama. As you can see I am totally eclectic, although I can’t do all these at the same time as then I would be totally insane!
I have loved painting the landscape which is totally awesome. I find flowers a definite close second. I had my first painting exhibition at the age of 21 and have exhibited in either joint or solo exhibitions since then. I also paint landscapes for corporate buildings.
I love life, living and love (which has to prevail in my writing) The love of my life is God (of the bible), with my husband and three wonderful sons a close second.
Oh yes and I have one of those bits of paper as well – you know, a BA in fine art. Majors were painting and printmaking, but the course did inspire a bit of photography.
I believe that I can take something ordinary and put a bit of extroidanary into it, it comes from the heart and vision and a bit from my past as well.
I am using a Nikon D-60
I love red bubble, its great stimulation and lots of fun. Bless all you wonderful red bubblers!!!
I hope you enjoy my work.

Landscapes are on another RB website named
Lozzar Landscapes

My painting website is: www.lorrainemccarthy.com

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Kennedy Prize

Kennedy Prize / One of my works will be in the People’s Choice, Kennedy Prize Exhibition soon (I’m stoked!!),(this is a well known Adelaide based exhibition) which will be an online voting award. For anyone who would like to raise the profile of their own business, this opportunity is available…. / ‘If you know of any individuals or businesses that would like to support t…
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Features…August and September have been overwhelmingly exciting months for me and whilst I usually don’t post features, I thought I would as I would like to say thanks to everyone for your wonderful support and enthusiasm for my work. SO here we go…. / SEPT / Lozzar flowers and art Lemon Yellow, Featured in Fablous Flowers / Purple Florals, Art & Collectables / Foxglove Pretty Pink Bells, B…
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Reply / I am having difficulty in giving reply’s on my works, so if you have left a comment, I am sorry….is anyone else having problems or knows a solution….everything else is working ok / Lorraine
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See Me

See Me / Is anyone on See Me, pls let me know so I can connect with you, thanks Lorraine.
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