Thankful for creative Expression

I felt compelled to express how grateful I am to create on an inspirational level, grateful that I am able to share my creativity with an artistic community! Then again it is Thanksgiving. At times our society may seem as if the closed minded traditions traps the embodiment of art in a box… But that is not it at all because we are free. Free to express ourselves, Free from judgement, criticism, and scrutiny. Light and Love!

Love, Jess



I am an artist, I love to create. To capture beauty in a moment, in an idea, in everyday life and I feel that my shop is an expanding experience I want to share with the public. The idea behind the name is simple, everything I publish is with good intent and love. So I sign the content with, " Love,Jess." Obviously, Im Jess. You will find anything from photography, original paintings, and many more creative endeavors at my shop.

Love, Jess