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So I did. 4.5kms. Last time I did that was last year’s Walk to Work Day – mostly because usually I am driving kids to school, who will not appreciate the 4km walk to school…..
I like to walk.

Note the rather barren quality to the roadside. Roadside native vegetation seems frowned upon in my neck of the woods (hahha – woods …..not) – the lovely soft and fullsome Acacia acuminata, Acacia saligna, Acacia Microbotrya, Callistemon phoeniceus, and Casuarina obesa were flattened on my road into town last December. Not for any great reason I can see.

I still miss them.

Pingelly, Western Australia
Fujifilm Finepix S1500


barren, distance, perspective, road, roadside, stark

I like to play. I find joy in small things and moments where the edge between conscious looking and subconscious seeing becomes soft enough for me to be there for a moment.

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  • Karen  Betts
    Karen Bettsalmost 4 years ago

    Oh what a lovely way to walk and enjoy I hope a peaceful stride out. Time for quiet and peace for you and for you to capture the barren road side. Any chance you could sprinkle seeds as you walked so next year would be full of spring wild flowers?

  • Well I could scatter all I liked….the seeds would be carried off by ants, washed away in an autumn storm, or….when and if they germinated, be sprayed by our local council. They were trees here! And bushes ! I do miss them as homecoming was always so pretty. It is so hot and windy here in summer, and icy windy in winter – those trees lining the road softened it so much!
    Still, I do love to walk when I get the chance! I didn’t start ‘til midday Friday, so an hour’s walk fitted in too!
    Thank you Karen! x

    – LouJay

  • Naia
    Naiaalmost 4 years ago

    can’t see me getting to work on foot before everyone else went home… 16 kilometres along Tonkin Highway – lovely vegetation and vistas but with the trucks etc screaming past at 100kph not too peaceful! At least that journey has been revegetated recently – one can assume the purpose is to impress folks who have just got off a plane, or to hide the growing industrial spectre from those who are driving past. Whatever the reason, more shrubbery is always a good thing.
    Great photo Lou – looks very exposed. Roadside native vegetation is often all that’s left of the original habitat and its destruction totally defies logic. Now there’s room to put in a cycle path?

  • Well, years ago a cycle path was proposed, and Ed strongly opposed as it would mean the inevitable flattening of everything along the way even remotely near to it’s proposed route. Now – well its all gone isn’t it?! The crevices that pass as road shoulders are a bit of an issue for a path….Still a 90kms per hour zone, and way to narrow to feel comfy with hay trucks hurtling past. I wouldn’t let the girls walk into town at this stage. Abbey is dying to – she love to walk too.

    – LouJay

  • Betty Mackey
    Betty Mackeyalmost 4 years ago

    Great color in this!

    Lou, probably the landowners pressure the road supervisors in order to keep “weed” seeds out of their fields. Here in the USA, some road crews drive along the highways spraying weed killer. The usual result is a streak of yellow foliage at shoulder level so where there are trees all it does is make everything ugly. To be fair we do have some horrendous strangling vines that get out of control. Nonetheless in some more progressive regions there is road beautification with native wildflowers and other plantings.

  • Our landscape is so fragile and so denuded. There are very few areas of native vegetation left – and many of these are too small to be self sustaining. Road side vegetation is often the only ‘corridor’ for fauna to get from one tiny haven to the next – so biodiversity ever shrinks. We don’t have much that gets out of control here anymore – except grasses and corm forming plants from South Africa! 300 year old Wandoo and Salmon Gums can’t be put back. It is heartbreaking to watch it still happening, even though there are laws in place regarding the clearing of native vegetation here-no one to enforce them and in a small community it is not always easy to rock the boat and not wear the consequences in a very personal way.

    – LouJay

  • nadine henley
    nadine henleyalmost 4 years ago

    maybe they’re planning on putting a freeway in, lou? watch out for a 6 lane highway coming to your house soon. Or, oops, didn’t they tell you? maybe more like a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy experience, with bulldozers at the door. Your ‘neck of the woods’! hah! good one. Well done on the walk and the capture.

  • Actually Nadine, they did this, and widened the road along a 1km stretch between a narrow bridge and just short of our place – for no apparent reason, and, as it turned out, it was a mistake! Our rates spent accidentally. The road shoulders are now perilous crevices – and there is nowhere to pull over should an overwide vehicle approach without rolling the car. Walking brought it all back to the fore for me – last years walk to work was treelined and soft, with birds flitting through the shrubs and trees.
    Thank you! x

    – LouJay

  • Naia
    Naiaalmost 4 years ago

    How about a cycle path, then a deep ha-ha fence full of drainage & reveg and a few signs that say “CAUTION SOFT SHOULDERS”? :)

  • lucin
    lucinalmost 4 years ago

    Your post treatment lets me feel you in your part of the world.

  • Wow lucin, what a lovely comment! Thank you!

    – LouJay

  • tori yule
    tori yulealmost 4 years ago

    Great shot and commentary, LouJay. How very sad that this happened by accident. It’s terrible that some people don’t respect nature.
    Good job on your walk though!

  • Thank you so much Tori! Respect for nature is a rarity here – something I still haven’t quite come to terms with…..It’s snake season now, and all the talk around town is snake killing. Poor things usually just move on if left alone.

    – LouJay

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