Missing Redbubble!

I never seem to be here of late. Most evenings I find myself falling into bed as soon as we have had dinner and washed up. I have missed all of my RB friends and missed enjoying the rich, inspiring and amazing work here to see. Life a little bit full at the moment. Overstuffed?! I’ll be back proper I hope.

And whilst I have been absent, I have made sales! A couple of cards and…. woohoo, a large print of echium dreams !

So pleased someone would like to have this hanging. What a great surprise!

A big hello to all of my rb friends. I have been missing you.


  • donnamalone
    donnamalone4 months ago

    Hi Lou! see you soon!

  • nadine henley
    nadine henley4 months ago

    missing you too, lou – but glad that life’s full to bursting for you. Congrats on the sales too!

  • Carol Knudsen
    Carol Knudsen4 months ago

    Feeling much the same here Lou….free time is almost absent since I have started full time work 8 months ago! But touching base with a few RB friends stunning recent works in the last couple of days has been refreshing :)