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just here and now

I have been tired and grumpy and busy. Kind of that time in life where there are too many elements, too many people needing too many things and really, all I would like is a solo holiday of silence – but you just keep at it, because that is what is required at this stage of the journey, before proceeding to level 7, with extra potions and magic wands, and additional constitution points.

My 365 project has hung in there. By a thread lately. An oh so fragile thread, but a thread all the same. I have maybe lost around 5 days over the last 207. Just occasionally, I have gone a whole day without giving it a thought, and at the end of the day felt that little bit regretful for not managing that one simple act. the first time it happened, I felt terrible! Isn’t it funny how we set these tests for ourselves.

I have been a crap group cohost (sorry Nadine!) and not so great at visiting the artists and work that I want to visit. I may not comment so much, but I am here and do visit, albeit briefly at times! That there is always someone here and some very special bubble friends who are amazing supporting friends really – I am grateful. Thank you! I feel cushioned and comforted by the knowing you are here.

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