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"Spring Unicorn" in Warner Bros movie!

Some really exciting news! Last week I was contacted by Warner Bros movies for the use of “Spring Unicorn” to be featured in a movie set for a current movie they are filming now. The painting is to be enlarged and used on a bedroom wall in “The Conjuring” directed by James Wan (Insidious, Saw)

I’m so wrapped about this opportunity & will wait to hear more if the image is used in the final cut for the movie. This little painting has been for sale for a while now, won an award in a local show, been to many exhibitions & out of the blue has received some attention from the movie company in USA. I have also had an enquiry today regarding if the original is for sale, which it is.

Our local paper is running the story this week & you could say I’m very honoured to have been contacted. We are in celebration mode here in our little country village of Lansdowne on the Mid North Coast. :-D

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