My passion is Photography….
Extensive travelling opens up a world of photographic experiences….
to which I have a confirmed addiction.







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HELP!!! Wide gamut monitor troubles....

I have an NEC wide Gamut monitor. / Beautifully calibrated with Spyder 2….RGB files printed to perfection. / But it appears to have difficulty displaying sRGB files accurately or correctly. / Although the images look OK in CS5…when viewed on other programs the hue is overwhelmingly RED. and on RedBubble… they are RED. / I suspect the only way out is to use dual monitor display…
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Off to Syria we go, we go....

While we travelled through Turkey, / we sipped tea and glanced across the Mesopotamian plains towards Syria. / There, the seed was planted- and now a jouney to Syria is about to begin. / We have read widely… the land is historically rich… / The bags are almost packed…. / and the cameras- they are so ready to go. / Hopefully there will be lots of stories and wonderful images to …
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Please, I need some help!!

My " Fish eat More Fish" has been selected for inclusion / in a textbook. / A half page image, with a Printrun estimated at 11,000 copies. / How much is a reasonable charge? I have not done this before… / All help greatly appreciated! / Cheers / Louise
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'Tis the Season

Apparently it’s the season for calenders….
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