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My photography explores the idea that crossing physical, emotional, and psychological boundaries enables us to create places that exist somewhere between real and fantasy worlds.

I’m not looking for sharp images or to follow the rules of traditional photography. I’m looking to reveal what my senses tell me about the in between places, and imagine what could happen if something changed reality just for a moment.

There is more to see than what we are trained to see by our brain which automatically corrects our vision so clarity is retained without distortion regardless of movement, speed and direction.

I use my camera as a tool, a digital paint brush to record where the physical boundaries of sight have been removed. There are no fancy tricks – just settings for me to manipulate, lenses to dress, movement, colour and light to bend as I paint my imagined places.

I exhibit my photography in Australia and New Zealand. I have a double degree in Business and Arts (Visual), majoring in ceramics, with painting and drawing minors, and business management.


2014 – Swan Songs: The Encore
Solo exhibition held at Clear Water Gallery, Marlborough, New Zealand.

Recurring in nature; leaves, plants and trees expend everything in a magnificent final effort, aware that their life performance is to be rehearsed, presented, and done before the next generation arrives. Their swan songs are abstract forms and colours, wild dancing in dying acts, colours often brightest before release, free falling or floating on the wind, to the ground to fade away.

2013 – Swan Songs : The Last Dance
Solo exhibition held at Umbrella Studio, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

A photographic review of swan songs performed in nature’s theatre – captured by “dancing” my camera with the plants and trees.

2013 – Billabongs: Secret Worlds
Solo exhibition held at Clear Water Gallery, Marlborough, New Zealand.

On a billabong’s surface, physical boundaries of sight are removed so the under water world, the meniscus, and the above world’s can be seen as one. The reflected world above collides with the underworld; the unshadowed surface reflects the clouds, then magical things happen. Water is ruffled by the wind, the light bounces off the water spider trails and insect wings, and meniscus faeries skate across an iridescent surface leaving star light trails in their wake.

2010 – Collective Impressions
My first solo photography exhibition held at Cell Art Space, Cairns, Queensland, from 4 December 2010 to 8 January, 2011.

2007 – Out the Back
A joint exhibition held at Pinnacles Gallery, Thuringowa, Queensland.
Glen O’Malley was curator and head photographer of the group. The gallery commissioned the exhibition to capture a ‘snapshot in time’ of back yards in Kelso. These works were taken as my contribution to the exhibition and the11vphotographs I exhibited are in the gallery’s collection.

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All photographs and artworks in this portfolio are © copyrighted and owned by the artist, Lou Davidson (LouD). Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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My first solo photography exhibition - Collective Impressions

My first solo photography exhibition “Collective Impressions” was held at Cell Art Space, Cairns, Queensland, from 4 December 2010 to 8 January, 2011. The canvas and mounted prints looked fantastic on the walls. My printing was done by Redbubble – thanks guys, there lots of positive comments about the printing quality, and my works. I had a great opening night. And a special th…
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