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if there’s one thing i’ve learned from falling in love, it’s to stand up no matter how painful the cuts, to fight for what i believed in, and to wait.. because even if i think now is right the time to give extra effort in explaining things.. --- waiting is even worth it.
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messed again. as usual.

Just a quick story for today.. / I woke up early. (3am) / Unfortunately / I slept again. / I woke up late (9am) / So, I’m late for work. / Drops of rain on my jacket. / Hair gets wet. / Arrived at office at 11:06 / I sit down on my chair, / As I zipped my morning coffee, / It pours on me / At the ends of my hair / At my black jacket / At my pants. / Whoa! / This is me. / A messy & clumsy Me. …
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