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Help with bubble site???!!!! Please!!!!!!!!


So, for the last few days, all of a sudden, I’m not able to add any work to my bubble site. When I try to drag an image over to the appropriate category on my bubble site, that image thumbnail freezes up and gets left hanging in a weird spot. It doesn’t go back to its place in the list of my works, and then when I go to my bubble site to see if it’s been added, despite the weird behavior, nope, it hasn’t been added.

I contacted support here, and a nice fellow told me that many changes have been made to red bubble, but that the bubble sites haven’t been upgraded or updated to reflect those changes, and so they’re no longer compatible with the current web code, flash players, or viewers….There are not any plans for that to happen, either, in the near future…and I’m guessing maybe even in the distant future. He suggested a few troubleshooting ideas, but none worked…I cleared my browser’s cache, tried using a different browser, checked to make sure I have the latest version flash player and that javascript is enable….And….sigh…..nope, none of this has helped.

I REALLY need my bubble site to be functional!

Anyway….is there anybody here who has a bubble site who is having or was having a similar problem with adding new work that has possibly figured out a way to fix this? Or is there just someone out there who may know how to fix this, period? I would appreciate it so, so, so much!!! Maybe there’s just not a way to fix it…I don’t know!


  • Barssel
    Barsselover 1 year ago

    I have the same problems Laurie

  • Ugg, sorry to hear it, Ade!!!!!!! :( Thank you for chiming in, though!! At least I know it’s not just me! :)))

    – Laurie Search

  • Lightflowphoto
    Lightflowphotoover 1 year ago

    Same here Laurie…

  • So sorry to hear it, Ian!!! If you happen to come across a brilliant way of fixing this somehow, lol, please do let me know!! :)))

    – Laurie Search

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelover 1 year ago

    I deleted my bubblesite months ago, when it seemed like they were not going to support it anymore, and clicking on any product sent you back to RB, which would confuse most viewers. The old bubblesite links seem to default to RB though. It became just one more thing to maintain, for no real purpose, so it had to go. If they ever reinstate them with full support and the nice gallery look they had, I’d make one again.

  • So sorry, Cindy!!! I have really relied on my bubble site for sending potential customers and clients to…It looks more professional, in my opnion, than sending them to simply a profile page on an art site! Sigh. I put the address of my bubble site on my business cards. Now they’re all going to be just useless! Really irks me!!! Thanks for your thoughts!

    – Laurie Search

  • kevin chippindall
    kevin chippindallover 1 year ago

    I have the same problems Laurie you would think RB would do some think about this problem ………………….. cheers kev

  • Sorry to hear it, Kevin!! Yes, you would think!! But NOOOO!!!! LOL. If you find a way to fix this without RB’s help, please let me know! :) Thanks, Kevin!! :)

    – Laurie Search

  • Ellen Cotton
    Ellen Cottonover 1 year ago

    I had made some updates last week that worked fine, but now it won’t let me do anything. So I guess this is system-wide. What a mess!!! I’m seriously wondering why I bother with RB anymore. There are better sites out there with better sales and support.

  • Yes, me, too, Ellen!!! Just last week it was all working just fine, and then about 4 days ago, this problem arose, and I hoped that it was just a little problem on that particular day or something…But no…it is still like that…I can’t add anything new to it. I asked for help from support, and though the guy seemed to be pleasant enough and tried to offer some general troubleshooting ideas, it was basically a case of, sorry, there’s nothing we can do here. It was suggested to me that I make use of the “Collections”. Which really doesn’t do me any good, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to send potential customers or clients to a profile page on an art website. I want to be able to send them to MY website. The bubble sites aren’t the most fabulous personal websites on earth, but at least they were something that we did have at least some control over and that looked a little bit more professional than just a regular old profile page and portfolio on a random (as far as the customers and clients are concerned) art site! Also, as I’ve responded to Cindy, I’ve got my bubble site’s address on all my business cards that I give to people. But now that bubble site will never be able to be updated again?! That’s just terrible!! Yes, you’re right…My sales have become almost non-existent here in the last year, besides a card here and there, and I am doing pretty good sales elsewhere. Though I still have a soft spot for this place, probably becuz of all the people I’ve met here who are so great. But I’m so upset about the fact that my bubble site is what is listed on so many cards I’ve given out, and also, it’s taken me years to build it up…I actually am on another site with free artist websites…I know you’re there, too, lol….but that still doesn’t solve those two problems!!! But if these bubble site glitches just can’t be fixed, then I guess I need to transition, albeit maybe UNsmoothly, over to using that other free website as my personal website…. Ugggg!!!! What a mess!!! Thanks for your thoughts, Ellen!!!! Good luck to you!!!!! :)))

    – Laurie Search

  • Ellen Cotton
    Ellen Cottonover 1 year ago

    Yes, I have the same problem with my business cards. Never thought it would become a problem. But other sites have similar personal websites with much better support and I don’t think it’s likely that would change in the near future. Of course nothing is certain in this virtual world of ours… Once upon a time I created my own website and still have the domain name, but I can no longer figure out how to use it! My brain just isn’t there anymore and I can’t keep up with all the constant changes to my computer, let alone to all these websites. I don’t even know how to text or tweet or whatever!!! My brother suggested I take up painting instead LOL. How did I get so old so fast??!! Good luck to you also, Laurie.

  • LOL…..yeah, it’s too bad that we have to be so heavily computer-dependent with our photography!! Well, I’ve been told that the powers that be are looking into this issue….so we shall see….Fingers crossed, though no breath holding!!! :)))

    – Laurie Search

  • JEZ22
    JEZ22over 1 year ago

    Same problem here Laurie and I also don’t know how to fix

  • So frustrating, isn’t it, Jez??!!!! I’ve been told that they’re looking into it now, so we’ll see what, if anything, happens!!! :))

    – Laurie Search

  • berndt2
    berndt2over 1 year ago

    I liked the bubblesites – they were a bit of ‘class’ that you could display your images in away from the more ‘commercial’ Redbubble Main. But after I started having troubles, and after I heard RB weren’t going to be maintaining it, I (sadly) stopped bothering. I’d write to RB to get information, but Redbubble don’t even answer my emails anymore. It’s not the lack of community that I bemoan on Redbubble as much as the sense that RB itself seems to not give a sh%t anymore.

  • Yep, I definitely agree with what you said about the bubblesites being a bit of class, away from the main RB site!! I did have a guy here, working for RB, that was attempting to help, and he did say that it is being looked into further…so, right now all I can say is we shall see!!! Thanks for weighing in, berndt!!!! :)))

    – Laurie Search

  • Ronald Rockman
    Ronald Rockmanabout 1 year ago

    Redbubble have fucked us all!

  • Yep, RB is totally done with the bubblesites now….It really sucks….!!

    – Laurie Search