So Sorry!!!

Hello everybody….

I just wanted to write this quick note to apologize, since I am getting very behind on my replies to your wonderful compliments, and also because I’ve not been able to visit all of your beautiful works in the last few days. I have been really sick with a very ugly flu and am also feeling quite depressed. It takes a LOT to keep me off of the computer and away from RB, and this here has done it. (I still am not even able to drink coffee, which almost NEVER happens to me! I LOVE my coffee!!) I’ve tried to get on and do things, but my eyes haven’t wanted to focus properly and I start sweating and feeling faint just from the effort of sitting up at the computer. But it seems as though today is a little better, and I’m thinking that looking at all the amazing work on here might cheer me up a bit. I also think that I have already been sitting at the desk here for long enough (since I had to also, of course, go through built-up emails at my personal addresses), lol, and so I may see about getting my laptop and getting all set up in bed or something like that as soon as I’m done writing this!

Either way, please forgive me…I’m not trying to ignore your kindness, which really means the world to me, or your brilliant work!!!

I also just want to say right now…thank you so, so much for the amazing support that so many of you give to me just as a person and also to my work. I really love you for that.

I hope you all are well!!!!


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