Wellington, United Kingdom

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I derive from one English parent and the other Italian/Ukrane….Photography and art are the only projects in life I have ever stuck to…everything else seems to disipate into nothingness!!!

I can`t draw very well or paint so thank god for CS3!!!..not religious or political…passive aggresive… contradictory nature. I spend most of my life daydreaming..I am happier when the sun is shinning..

I am a mother..woohoo my daughter is three years old
I have a pet dog and husband…..I am a gemini I dont really relate to star signs..but mine seems to match my personanlity down to a tee..which is helpful when describing myself:-)

You will have learnt by now I am terrible at English..I didnt do very well at school…I tend to rant alot…so beware when mailing me:-)

I am incapable of giving you intellectual feedback but when I say I admire and like your work its sincere and comes from the heart…oh heart I have a big one….ok thats enough I hate writing this crap :-)))

Have a good day

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