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Christmas Wishes

To all my Red Bubble friends/family
Thank you all, for a wonderful year of sharing, caring and creating.
As most artists know that art is not just about making a pretty picture, it is SO MUCH MORE! As our heart, soul, mind and body go into creating something that will provoke some kind of response in the viewer, and becasue of what each artists puts of themselves into their work, for the creation process, this can be a wonderful experience but also quite draining. So for me I believe that the Red Bubble clan is a wonderful support system to help artists to keep creating not only for themselves but for others.
My heartfelt love and best wishes go to you all hoping that you all feel the special Christmas Spirit that is so wonderful at this time of year.
I look forward to lots more great things …

How to Get into Galleries and Sell More Art

How to Get into Galleries and Sell More Art…

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 08:47 PM PST

There are many reasons to like what the Internet can do for you. One of my favorites is the ability it provides to discover interesting people both near and far.

A good example is a news item I came across about a local art gallery owner who has just published a business of art book with wonderful career advice for fine artists.

When I saw the item, it caught my attention and prompted me to call Jason Horejs, the author. Before I called, I posted a link to and brief description about the book on Twitter and Facebook. Both mentions generated an immediate and enthusiastic response.

During our initial call, we arranged a brief meeting at Jason’s impressive Xanadu Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale. There are some people

Featured - Beautiful

I am very happy as ‘Beautiful’ which is a small work I painted from a trip to Italy has been Featured in the Water Media Group, thank you so much!
I had great fun creating this one and was inspired by lots of Italian fashion, (hence the patterning and the dress) and so much Art, in fact I think I was over saturated by sooo much art from the Master Painters, it seems to cover every inch of wall space and it seemed to be an over load to the senses, at times.
Beautiful began life as a little doodle in my art journal that I carry everywhere with me when I travel, as it is a great way to record images and ideas for the future, and I finished her when I got home.!

Big Thank you

Thanks so much to Janis, for the picture of my work on the Buyers Booth. It was such a thrill to see it. It looks good with all the other lovley works.
Very exciting.

Featured - Nine times!!

Wow, I am so happy. Mother Nature is Beautiful has just been featured in the Dimension Art Group, thank you so much Sharon. This makes NINE features for this work!!!!…

I am so glad that people like it. This work literally grew from a small beinning of one flower, and then I just kept adding things till it was fully grown, so to speak.

I am very fascinated with mother Nature, as we can learn so much from her. She is always renewing and healing, no matter what happens to her, I believe the human race can learn so much if we take the time to look and learn about nature.

Don’t know if anyone remembers the book and film The Secret Life of Plants it was so inspiring for me. Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird say that plants have emotions, feelings and that there is a spiritual relationship betw

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Pooky

Great news…The Hills are alive with the Sound of Pooky was Featured in Works on Paper. Thank you so much Marion, this is great news. This is one of my favourites in the Pooky series.
Still want to get my book published on Pooky. Think I might have ago at doing it on Lulu on Blurb when I have abit more money, just to see what it looks like as I think it would make a good story for littlies and could be good for Christmas gifts. Think I am going to have to ask Pip to help me do it, as I have had ago and wasn’t too good with the loading and formatting, because I am pretty basic with the computer.
Now all I need is a few more sales of my work!!!


I am very happy because the ‘Red is Ravishing’ Challenge in Works on Paper Group has just finished and Janis Zroback is the winner with her gorgeous entry of Red Cherries. Its absolutely luscious, you can almost taste them!! Janis is one of my favorites on RB so it is fantastic that she has won.…

As part of this challenge I offered one of my works as a prize. I asked Janis which one she would prefer and she chose the Waratah ‘because it is Australian,’ which is so lovely. Thank you Janis.

So it was ordered yesterday and will be flying to its new home in Canada! (Hope it likes flying!) Sorry, my silly sense of humour. Think it takes a couple of weeks. (it will definitely have sore arms after flying all that way!!!(oh sorry, my humour again)

Part of the winning prize was also my book, “In

Pooky Calendar for 2010 The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Pooky!

Just finished my new Pooky Calendar with twelve gorgeous illustrations of Pooky prancing and dancing over Australia.
Pooky loves to travel and have adventures.
This would be a great gift for Christmas.
Hope you like it. I am very happy to change any of the works around if you would like them on different months, or design something special just for you with any works that you love.
Wishing everyone a fantastic 2010.

I can’t believe it is September already!!! lol lol lol
It seems like I just had Christmas 2009! Oh dear! How time flies.

Lornas' Art Exhibition

I am having a small exhibition this week at Mermaids Tale in Hastings. There will be an opening on Saturday the 14th from 6.30 until 8pm and you are most welcome to drop in for a look at my art and have a drink and nibbles perhaps as a cocktail for your Saturday night out. I will be showing sketches, gouaches and silk paintings, as I love to work with different mediums.…

I use art to express feelings and the beauty in life and to record images from the landscape on my travels. My work is multifaceted, I love to paint on silk with dye and find one can achieve wonderful things with brighter, more colourful results than other mediums. In the past, I have had many solo and shared exhibitions and received several awards for my art, including first prize at The Royal Melbourne Show. I also teac

Just posted some new designs on Zazzle

Hi to all Red Bubble friends,
I’m excited as I have just created some new designs on Zazzle and I am really pleased with the results. Some are the Keds shoes and great shopping tote bags, which are so good to use instead of the horrible plastic or green bags, they look so smart and different great to carry.
I think the new designs will be up tomorrow, so if anyone gets a chance check them out.

Lornies Zazzle Store

Exercise in Clearing your pen

Saw this on raindogs RB site and thought it fantastic as it really helps to clear your pen and mind. This is what popped out from 3minutes of writing anything and not changing it.

it began with a pun a nun and heaven forbid a gun.
Last rights
silly tweens
broken legs and broken dreams
A big heart that broke in two
only needed mending with supa glue.
A hairy face
always late
Negativity and stopped trying
Balloons galore
a float once more……

Silly nonsense, it seems to work. So if your stuck give this a try.


‘Your vision will come clear only when you look into your heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens.’ -c.jung

Just saw this quote on Anne Mc Ginn RB site and loved it so much I wanted to remember it as I believe this to be true. So thank you Anne for writing this and your wonderful inspirational art.
Dreams are so important but the truth is to know what is in your HeART (heart) and art speaks volumes to yourself and others if you allow it.
As artists we are so blessed to be able to create and express for which I am very very thankful.
Art and artists remind us who we really are in all our diversity.

Voting For Red Bubble at the Webby Awards

Hope everyone has been able to vote for Red Bubble. It took me awhile to be able to work out how to do it as my computer skills are very basic.
Think it is a fantastic award and it would be such a coo for RB to win so lets support them like they help support the RB community, by voting and letting others know.

Go Red Bubble Go!

Wonders and Miracles

In the darkness before the dawn
My heart is heavy and feels broken
From losses…losses that no one can know or experience.
The loss of a loved one, so deep, so profound
There are no words to speak of this loss
A longing to see their smiling face once again
To feel their arms around you.

Then the dawns breaks….
My soul speaks
The light pentrates into the darkness
It is a new day and a new way
This blessing from above, perhaps from my love
That strengthens and shows the way
On this bright beautiful new day.


Hooray! Sold two of my Pooky adventure cards – a BIG thank you to whoever brought them, i am so glad you like them, as i loved creating them.

So Happy

Wow I have just discovered that I have my art works featured fifteen times, this is fantastic, and I am so thankful that people like and enjoy my work. I am so very glad that I got onto Redbubble as I have met some wonderful people and seen some very fantastic talented artists and photographers work. I look forward to a long association

Lorna Gerard Press Release for Jo O'Briens Challenge

In response to this challenge


Lorna Gerard Press Relelase
January 2009
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Creative since a very young child, Lorna Gerard’s artistic pursuits were always encouraged by her Mum, also a creative soul who painted in a niave style. Lorna’s sister Chris Morgan is also a recognised and sought after artist living and working in Queensland.

Lorna married her high school sweetheart Tony at the age of 19 and they had four children by the age of 27. She focused completely on her family and it wasn’t till the children were a little older that she entertained the thought of living her dream of becoming an artist. She was a self taught artist up till then, that always needed creative outlets in her life, such as teaching community art clas

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