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The Greater Malefic Part. 1 (A Rough draft/outline/script for short film or play) By Brandon L. Ross

(The scene is a strange room that seems to exist out of time and space, there are four metal grates or posts that delineate the corners, it appears there are no visible walls.
There is smoke and mist in the air, various bizarre objects and apparatuses are laid about, an ornate rug decorates the floor. On it sits an odd man dressed in black vaguely victoriangarbe-His hands are crossed covering his eyes in a symbolic gesture with his fingers)

The Man/ Travellor: (Uncovering his eyes) : Why won’t it bleed? My eyes have to bleed! Because the air is all blood…that were swimming in, and the rain absorbs nothing! (Gets up and pulls out a blade, facing one of the “walls”, speaking to someone or something) I could go from village to village and cut out everyone’s hearts…but….they would all live forever….because I’d put them all in a great…giant…golden head! The eternal heart and mind…..pulsing,….loving…., immortal!

(An image appears in the blackness, a still of two giant hands with a giant eye between them, it pulses and changes color as it speaks)

Anome(V.O.): Phase is now shifting, 12 degrees- Dimensional Fluidity Optimum-
Recalibration in 3,2,1…

(Flickering and Flashing, the room seems to be going through a time warp-Travellor covers his eyes and falls down, whooshing warping sounds etc. When this stops the room seems to have changed somehow, objects re-arranged, and there is now a golden mask on a pedestal)

Travellor: ( Propping himself up) I once saw a great gash open upon the sky, and all the angels and parasites fell out-not one child wept! Beautiful…like clockwork!
(More erractic) Her eyes like orchids, oozing with life! Oozing with my death!
(Crawls up to and addresses the golden mask)
Chronos! When you are arisen, can I bury myself secret grave within the earth!
Time……Eater! Ravage in golden glory! Never young, never old-yet always unfolding in empty nameless nights of boundless sorrow! …I see the light now, of burning children~

(Red and yellow warping effects, screeching sounds, anome reappears)

Anome (V.O.): Anomalous recursion, Anomalous recursion! Convex Aion… point access approach!
(Room goes completely black, a she-goat creature appears in a red light, though the mist and hint of light we see Travellor is in the same position as the beginning)

She-Goat: (Recites the poem “Nightmare’s Prophet” as various projections and visions appear pertaining to the verse)

Nightmare’s Prophet came to me, in liquid lies, and entropy.
His backward whispers of blue skinned whores, belching blood on a chessboard floor!

The quick-phase harlequin and faceless mage, led me down to twilight’s grave.
Where twisted branches grasped the gloom, o’er empty thrones in crypted rooms

On pallid steed he takes my site, this blind-dead prophet of the night!

(She traces the “innominata” symbol on Travellor’s forehead as he gropes for her, the gold mask appears above as Chronos has arisen ten-feet tall, eerie light permeates the area, she-goat undulates on floor as if giving birth, a rising boom sound! All is black again, then gold mask is seen again glowing Travellor steps forward and light appears around him his eyes seem to be bleeding, he holds a vial of black fluid and a glass)

Travellor: (Steps forward pouring liquid into glass) I drink this fluid of her orchids gaping womb, (Drinks from glass) The shifting prison, the living tomb!

The clock will strike two times thrice, in broken rhythms of virginal vice…AAHHHHH!

OH all your children are living out their death-
We’ve travelled nowhere and everywhere yet!

(Lights fade, but we now see Chronos and his golden mask. face flickering and moving, flashing lights, Mellotron choir sounds building whole room feels like it’s going to explode/implode-and then silence, all goes black)

The Greater Malefic Part. 1 (A Rough draft/outline/script for short film or play) By Brandon L. Ross


Ambler, United States

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