My First Born Child

My first born child…my sweet baby boy…now stands a man…before the whole, wide world.
He was a good little baby…a blonde headed boy…why he would sit for hours…and play with one little toy.
“Go get him Daddy…he’s pulled his diaper off again!”…standing and grinning…diaper in his hand.
A quiet little boy…on his first school day…went right on in the room…with not a whole lot to say.
And on he grew…just a little bigger…It was then I found… that he had just a little temper.
I think he got this…from his Daddy no doubt…then of course his Moma…a time or two did shout.
He developed quite nicely…a handsome young man…when he felt he was right…that child would make a stand.
Now there were some times…he got a smack or two… yep, when Moma’s eyes got big…he knew then to move.
Sometimes I would give him…kitchen duty to do, and boy he would clean, and make it look brand new.
I myself just loved it…my kitchen sparkly and clean…he didn’t have to do it often though…my boy was never that mean.
He took up for his sisters…always watched out for them…would take on an army…but his sisters he’d defend.
Watched out for his brothers…scrapped with them as well, and they did a few things…that still today they won’t tell.
He played a mean game of basketball, I think Hammer was his nickname, such an aggresive boy…fouled out his first game.
And I always got so excited when my boy got the ball…I’d jump up and down and scream for him to take it to the hole!
I remember one specific day…ever a Moma proud…He came over to me and whispered “Moma don’t clap so loud!”
And then on to football…how this child loved to play, I remember his first touchdown, it was the highlight of our day!
One of his coaches said…if everyone had his heart and drive… why we wouldn’t lose a game…I remember this with pride.
Now I have to say this…others have said it too…that boy has a bootie on him…seems to sport a little boo.
Yes he is handsome… a smile that’ll melt the day…a little hardheaded as well…but stubborn is hereditary they say.
There’s not a thing he attempts…he doesn’t do with pride…always gives 100%…will always go that extra mile.
He stood as a man wearing boys shoes, when his family was in need…strength for me when mine was gone, a right hand for me.
He had a dream from early childhood, something he wanted to be, saw that dream and went after it, now he stands with the elite.
Today my first born child…stands strong as a man, no prouder could this Moma be, of his living dream to be a State Patrolman.

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If I appear somewhat proud…well yes…I am…;^}


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  • LocoCow
    LocoCowover 6 years ago

    WOnderfully written… all the memories and stories that you retell is a beautiful testamonial to that which I am sure gives all credit to his mother and the man upstairs… May the lord watch over him in his daily duties…

  • Leon A.  Walker
    Leon A. Walkerover 6 years ago

    You have a unique talet for storytelling. But you knew that!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh no not really…just some things grip my heart and I have to put all that somewhere…lol…It was pure love and pride in seeing this boy take a dream and make it his…Thank you Leon, you are so kind.

    – loramae

  • bribiedamo
    bribiedamoover 6 years ago

    Fantastic writing Loramae……..u should be so proud……….you tell a great story and give a great insight into life………

  • I appreciate such sweet comments Damo…but I see the very same in you as I look at your family shots…Bless you!

    – loramae

  • Roger Sampson
    Roger Sampsonover 6 years ago

    Must have had a great mom and dad. Sure of it. I know of that pride when I look at my two sons, now fine young men…both are two of my closest friends. Thank-you for sharing Loramae.


  • Yes Roger…best friends…I tell ya, after my Husband got sick I had 7 children at home and a job to work and everything layed heavy for me…but this child of 14 stood up beside me as a man and truly became my right hand…I am blessed with some great kids! Thank you Roger…;)

    – loramae

  • Bonnie T.  Barry
    Bonnie T. Barryover 6 years ago

    Your mother’s love shines through so brightly here, LoraMae! My favorite line is “He stood as a man wearing boys shoes, when his family was in need…” To me that sums it best, his character, his heart and drive which the coach recognized in him and praised. You are blessed to have such a son and he is blessed to have such a mom. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Awww,,,Bonnie you are so sweet, thank you my friend!

    – loramae

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