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Mill Valley, United States

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My name is Lora, but I’ve been known to respond to Faye as well.

I first go into photography when I was twelve years old. I found my mom’s old camera from the 80s and took a couple rolls of black and white film with it until it decided it was time to die.

On my sixteenth birthday, my dad presented me with my first digital camera, a small point-and-shoot camera, nothing extremely special. That’s when I truly fell in love with taking pictures. It went everywhere with me and I just played around and learned with every shot I took.

I’m twenty-one now and I shoot mostly with my Nikon D100. I enjoy shooting landscapes, but I prefer to take pictures of people, just because there’s more of a story to tell. I’ve had a couple commissioned jobs, but I’m definitely still a beginner. I just keep taking pictures and learning with each one.

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Catching Up

It’s taking me a while to transfer my photography, since I’ve have five years under my belt, there are a ton of pictures that still need to be uploaded. It probably doesn’t help that most of my art worthy photography is trapped and hidden somewhere on my external hard drive. Why, oh why, am I not organized enough? / But I am enjoying going through my old photos, seeing how far…
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