Hello from Sydney, Australia

Thanks for visiting and having a look at what’s on.
I hope you will enjoy the artworks, writing, clothing designs and images.

I draw with pen and ink on artist paper.
I paint on canvas using acrylics and oils.
I use vector programs to design graphic arts.
I write novels, short stories and poetry.
I compose music and pen the lyrics.
I photograph and paint by light.
I design houses and buildings and plan human settlements.

“The greatest camera in the world is the one you hold in your hands when shit happens.”
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“Revolutions occur when a spark of discontent triggers a critical mass within the population enough to exert a force stronger than the incumbent authority.” / -Raoul Isidro, 6 July 2011
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Quote on 4 July 2011

“Reality is always challenged by the reality challenged.” / -Raoul Isidro, 4 July 2011
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Quote on 2 July 2011

“The future challenge of energy use is how to store it efficiently” / -Raoul Isidro, 2 July 2011
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Every Encounter Is A Seed Planted

You never know of what will eventuate to the seemingly trivial or profound encouters with people in your environment. Your connective influence goes beyond from just your personal encounters, but also unfolds to the works you have created and released for posterity. / You may have made it a nice day to the waiter you shared with an encouraging word and a healthy tip today. The Sistine Chapel mast…
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