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Barnsley, United Kingdom

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All my work is copywrited and not to be used under any circumstances without my permission .. what I create is NOT for the public domain

Hi, my name is Angel
I have been a member for quite a while now and enjoying every minute of it .. made some wonderful friends too. I have had some small success .. selling tee shirts/hoodies, cards, prints and iphone cases

I have several hobbies besides RedBubble .. smile .. I love gardening .. I love taking photos of anything and everything .. and of course my computer on which I create my images.

I have designed 6 book covers and created the images (45 images per set ) for 6 sets of cosmic ordering cards for Mirage publishing.

I belong to loads of wonderful groups on RB and my images have been featured frequently … I thank the hosts of these groups with all my heart … I have won a few challenges and been placed in the top ten in several more .. thank you to my fellow members for voteing for the images.

I do hope that everyone who views my work gets pleasure from it .. I hope it makes you smile .. or shiver .. or sigh ..

I have been lucky to have had several works featured on the RedBubble Home Page

I am a Featured Member of the following groups…

Animal Fantasy and Whimsy
Art & Photography Showcase
Faerie World
Disablity and Beauty
Roses Grow On You
International Showcase
The Designers Corner
Art and stories made for Children
Mermaids and Mystic Creatures
Beginners Fantasy T`s and Art
Altered by Design
Spirit & Psychic Peace group
Holidays` and Special Occasions
Cee`s Fun Artsy Friends
Calendar Shop
New Creations of Beautiful Color
All In, “Editing”
Wild Horses, Mustangs, & Other Non Domestic Equines
Mythological Creatures
Favourite Fantasy Creations
Art Thou Ready

My image Cosmic .. Wild Stallion was featured in .. Explore .. on 15.3.11

I was the surpised featured artist of the week 20.10.10 .. in the wonderful group .. New Creations of Beautiful Color ..

I am the featured artist of the week 20.2.2011 in the group .. All In .. “Editing”


  • Joined: March 2008


sales .. thank you

Hi everyone / Thank you so much to all the people who bought my tees, cards, calendar, stickers and images these last couple of weeks .. it is so appreciated / thank you .. hugs Angel xx
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sales and been missing you all

Hi everyone / you may have noticed that I havent been around for quite awhile .. I had a operation in early December that led to a lot of complications and this has prevented me from been on the computer .. huge sigh .. I am doing a lot better but still unable to sit for any length of time at the computer. / I am going stir crazy too as I am housebound .. it doesn’t help that I cant create …
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Thank you so much to the people who kindly bought the tee shirts, the case, cards and pillows in the last couple of weeks / I do so appreciate your kindness / hugs Angel xx
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New calendar

Hi everyone / this is my new calendar .. hope you like it / hugs Angel
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