I’m just a happy girl with a quirky style of art.

Please comment on any art that you like – I love to see what people think of my work.


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Leaf skeletons

Leaf skeletons are great for crafts and art, and can be made very easily with hardly any cost. Here’s how… / What you will need: / 1. Fresh leaves (preferably strong ones as they don’t break as easily) / 2. Sodium carbonate (washing soda) / 3. A metal pot / 4. A paintbrush / 5. A pair of tweezers / What to do: / 1. Put 4 and 1/4 teaspoons of washing soda into the pot. Dissolve t…
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Craft website

I “found” this really great craft website a while ago. Original ideas and such. Made me smile. :) / Original Kids Crafts, it’s called. Have a look. / Original kids crafts / Very cool.
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