i am addicted to pictures.

looking at them .

and taking them.

ive been this way for as long as i can remember.


more work can be seen on my flickr site and I will add work here frequently.

for more shadow work

feel free to email me

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thank everyone for your comments on "theirony"

thanks everyone / -Cliff – thanks / -Jessica, it IS actually my wok that didnt get washed for a day (perhaps 2) and i realised that it could not be saved and was probably not that good to cook in anymore, dont they link rust to cancer (like everything else?) / -Jason: it does look like the earth, and i knew that would be read into the image when i took it, with the emphasis on ‘global…
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thanks red bubble you made my day

my picture was on the front page when i logged on today! yippee!! / these things always come along on the days when you need them most :) / thanks everyone for your great comments too! / something always happens so you no longer feel like your sitting out in the dark by yourself.
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