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New Toy

Guess who’s the proud new owner of a Nikon D300s?………….Guess who’s going to have her nose stuck in the owner’s manual for the next two weeks?? :0)

A Great Big Thank You!

A big surprise today. I sold a print of my image “Plumeria” It is truly an honor to have someone feel my work worthy of purchase. I remember taking the photo in Rhodes. It was the end of a lovely day and I remember how beautiful the flowers were. I hope you enjoy the print and again, Thank you so much. – Pam

A Wonderrful Surprise!

Hi to all you fellow bubblers. I found a wonderful surprise this morning. My image “Reaching” has finished in the top ten in the North Carolina Sun challenge in the All That is North Carolina group. Thanks to everyone who voted and all who view my images. There is such awesome talent on Redbubble and I am very humbled to surrounded by such great artists. Your support is inspiring. Another great surprise. “Reaching” along with some of the other top ten images from this challenge was featured on the Redbubble Homepage. Talk about a great start to the week!
I also want to thank all who voted for Rosalyn the Goslin’ in the Curious Babies challenge in the Mood and Ambiance Group. Rosalyn also placed in the top ten for that challenge. Again, I appreciate you…

Wow! So Cool!!

What a great bubble week I’ve had. I just found out that my photo “Gunsmith” was featured on the Redbubble homepage
Also, “French Kiss” placed second in the Freedom to Shine" challenge Smooches. And about a week ago “Asiatic Lily” was featured in the Glorious Lilies group. Thanks so much to every one who voted for French Kiss and also for all you fellow bubblers for your ongoing support and comments. I really appreciate every one of you. To my “regulars” (and you know who you are), I know I haven’t been commenting very much over the last few weeks, and I apologize for that. Work and homelife have been keeping me so busy, I’ve not had much free time. But hopefully things will be improving soon. I love you all. Thank…

Happy Today, Three Features

Great big Thanks to the moderators of the “All of North Carolina” for featuring two of my images this week. Berry Delightful was featured and made top ten in the North Carolina Christmas Challenge. Thanks to all who voted. I’ll be Home for Christmas (I Hope) was also featured in the North Carolina Group.
Also very happy to say that “Falling Down” was featured in the “Dilapidated Buildings Group” Thanks to the moderators of this great group as well. VWhat a very nice holiday surprise.

Good News Today

I was happy today to learn today that “Merry Dang Christmas Too” Made top ten in the Holiday Cat challenge and was also featured in the For the Love of Cats group. Thanks so much to moderators Judygal, Nancy Stafford and Tamara Bush and also to all who voted for Cider’s picture. I truly appreciate it.
Also a big THANK YOU! to Angel Perry, Andy Mueller and Solstone , the moderators of All of North Carolina group for featuring “Reaching”. It is truly an honor and I am grateful to all the moderators for the hard work you do.

Wow! Featured today!

I was happy to see today that “Old Virginia Barn” had been featured in the Old Dilapidated Buildings Group. What great news. Thank you so much to the moderators of this group and to all my fellow bubblers for all their great support. Nice way to start my day. :-)

Top Ten for "Pups at Play"

I was very happy to see that “Get the Stick” was in the top ten for Man’s Best Friend challenge “Pups At Play” Thank you so much to every one who voted for it and all you fellow bubblers who have taken a look. The positive support from everyone associated with Redbubble is truly amazing. I appreciate it more than you can know. -Pam